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Recommended reading

Updated: Jan 3

Another one I'd planned to post as year but its not going to be just as I'd originally thought.

As previously stated in number 4 of new-year,new-triggerings the problem is that I go through so much books, that it'd be hard to narrow down 'recommended reading' to one page, as my reading habit is a bit like this guy.

An easier way to narrow down my library is to advertise what I religiously read every year, for interested subscribers. It covers a fair few topics.

First up its the King James Bible, the pure Cambridge text as found in a Ruckman reference Bible and the Common mans reference bible by David Hoffman.

Simply put, both commentaries changed my life. Thank you Lord. I read the bible through (with commentary) about 3 times a year.

Topics covered - literally everything this life (and most of the next) has to offer.


Anarcho-Fascism: Nature Reborn by Jonas Nilsson

Topics covered - the state, modern western culture, feminism and how a man should react to the things life offers. From an author, descended of the vikings, currently volunteering in Ukrainian and South african militias. The guys seen some things, and knows some things.

Anatomy of the State by Murray N. Rothbard

Topics covered - The state and its corrupting power. My personal favourite libertarian book ever made, wrote by THE leading Jewish scholar on the topic.

The Christian and Civil Government by Pastor John Weaver

Topics Covered - The best treatise Ive ever read on Romans 13, and modern all-pervasive idolatry of human governments from western Christians raised in its matrix. despite the author being a British-Israelite, hes on the ball with this by a country mile. (On that note, in my experience Ive found that BI's tend to make the best commentaries on 1 kings-2 Chron, and he opens a lot of that up in ways Id never considered before reading this work)

Elements of Political Economy: Abridged and Adapted to the Use of Schools and Academies by Francis Wayland

Topics covered - as noted by PBI's Laurence M vance, who runs the 'Wayland institute' to keep the memory alive of this baptist preacher - economist, who was basically promoting and practising libertarian economics long before its time.

Peter Ruckmans commentary series - I've the whole set, and go through at least one a year.

Then a yearly read at the most challenging pair of books that trouble me no end...

The Time of the End parts 1 & 2 by Matt Crane

Topics covered - a treatise on the tribulation period and current events.

Then not a yearly read, as its just been released, but the 'billionaire world' by Hanne Nabintu Herland, a Scandinavian historian, has put together the best summary of why the global elites want the whole world pushed into a cultural marxist hellscape before the arrival of the antichrist. As much as I do love a good conspiracy, (calm down! at least 50% are real, look here) God says the root, root, cause of every nefarious plot and scheme from our rulers and global occultic groups is as stated in 1 Tim 6.10 in a King James Bible. A fact that she makes clear in this book. (When she tries to answer this by getting all spiritual and tries to preach a modern Christless gospel based on eastern orthodoxy from page 130 onwards, you can chuck that out due to Acts 4.10-13 & 1 Cor 15.1-4 being the case.)

Last but not least, and just a few days before I published this, he popped into my head and when I checked out his website I seen its had a big makeover and he now sells his books in PDF format as well.

Jeffrey Mardis of Sword in Hand publishing

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