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New Year, New Triggerings

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Title basically sums it up.

Four new posts are on route, all having started with the same notion. Simple unbelief in the words of God. (Mark 7.13, Rom 1.18)



Recently, I've found the 4th local church to update their bio to include the term 'bible believing church' but it has followed a now very familiar pattern. Either the surrounding area of the church itself, or the area in which a member/elder/deacon/preacher/rector lives gets, or finds, one of my tract packs. Either as a result of my post ministry (which is 4 years into its mission to send tracts to every house in my country) or as a result of my 'tract bombing' whereby I get up between 5-6 am in the summer time and basically 'litter in the name of Christ' a whole village. Ive been all over my country doing this for years. Theres not a nook or cranny in that place when I leave it were you wont find a tract pack lying, stuffed into, placed on, under or on top of. I escape that spot leaving it like a holy bomb went off.

Anyhow, every so often the Lord will put in my head (timed usually with printing address of more houses of a place near where I've previously been) and ill find a strange situation on google maps.

A church local to somewhere I've done this, will have included 'bible believing church' in their bio, and a flurry of fake, rushed 5 star google reviews will follow it, all having been posted at the same time. I then time the 'flurry' against the rough date of me having been leaving tracts nearby.

The latest to do this was a church denomination that started in the US 60 odd years ago which will remain unnamed, however its name has 5 syllables and 13 letters (and actual bible believers know that 13 = rebellion and 5 = death, numerically!) I didn't even know they'd spread to this wee country of mine until last week.

So enough was enough. Quit trying to come off as something your not, especially when church members start asking you questions (1 kings 10.1) about the bible that they see in my writings or preachers videos. (I should also explain the fact that one tract in each pack is one I made myself about the advanced revelations in the KJB with a link to my website.)

I even'held my peace' the time where after a certain church's 'flurry' they bought a whiteboard and spent 8 Wednesdays teaching that the next event on Gods calendar was the second advent, while wearing a black suit, shirt and tie. (Gene Kim anyone?) Where the tribulation period was to these folks I still havent figured.

'Bible believer' doesn't mean you 'believe whats in the bible.' It means you believe that the AV1611 IS THE ONLY BIBLE.

And how Christians could even consider themselves believing whats 'in the bible' if they use the NIV, ESV, NASB, or the CSB and read 2 Sam 21.19 is beyond me. Yet while I write there's unsaved drunks in a pub quiz shouting out the right answer to the question 'who killed Goliath the giant?' so they mustn't believe all that is in those perversions apparently. They also likely wouldn't say that Jesus fell from heaven instead of Lucifer like the NIV does in Isa 14.12.

So this prompted me to gather all my oldest blog posts about what a bible believer actually is, believes, professes and has assurance of according to the actual w o r d s of God. Oh and why men shouldn't exalt themselves over it, pretending they're a higher authority than the book. (Psalm 62.9)

The new section for the header, especially for new visitors that land as a result of said tracts. It'll be called

Which by the way, is a better title than my first thought which was akin to

'bible believer?likewhat?ehhhjkjkjkjkjkjkjklololololehtotallyohmygoodneshnohedidnt'



It led me into questioning what the actual cause of unbelief is in the pure words of God among my countries Christendom, which used to be so strong, and held out the longest against the European flood of liberal and conservative thought processes, (and the nations fall and descent into hell as a result - Psalm 119.139, 9.17, 107.11, John 17.17, Jer 23.36, 1 Tim 6.3, Rev 22.19) so I thought I'd get cracking into what my country's biggest selling King James bible study's were, and I'm putting together the salient ungodly, self-exalting messes that can be found in the;

  • Reformed heritage bible

  • Henry Morris study bible

  • Newberry bible

  • And as much as it pains me, (it does, but as a committed idol-kicker I kick my own crowds too!) there's danger in my own nations'Ulster-Scots translations' as well. (Amos 2.4b) Hey fowks! taak and scrieve whatsumever wae ye wan tae, just leave that pure English bible alone. Youse irnae makin thon echt refinement in Psalm 12.6-7!!

Nothing creates apostasy, infidelity and humanism like exalting man, tradition, opinion, denomination and language over the King James Bible.

I leave out the other local 2 most popular bibles, MacArthurs NKJ study bible as its not King James, (although I've read it) and I leave Scofield out also, as the few times he goes against the text have been spoken of enough by bible believers already. And the fact stands that his work didn't screw too many Christians heads off into apostasy on this side of the pond anyhow. (If theres any im unaware of in the US Im sure a reader could let me know - primitive baptists maybe? or was it just the likes of the 'normie dispensationalist alexandrians' using his bible, Dallas Theological Seminary, Moody Bible Institute and the like?)

The findings (done prayerfully especially with its horrifying results, and considering the actual findings that explain the kinks that each certain crowd that uses them have) I will call



As past 6 weeks odd on bitchute (at time of writing) I've been posting my 'astronomy' videos about biblical geocentric cosmology, as they used to be on a youtube playlist, but as no playlists are available on bitchute, so Im just making them weekly releases. (Danny Castles 'giants' series is next, maybe will try all deep wacky stuff for tuesdays...?) however the backlash to that (and support from unlikely areas) have been something worth writing about and it led me into putting a post together about the 4 (maybe 5 if i include germ theory) great deceptions, and how to discern the spirits attached to each, and to look out for the resulting flaffs each one can bring, especially in Christians when God sets off the Ezek 14.1-11 and 1 Kings 22.22 mechanisms.

In order of importance they are:

  1. Salvation - (John 14.6) the deception that either the Lord God of the bible isn't real, or that hes not needed and you'll get their just fine by yourself and your works.

  2. Sword - (Eph 6.17, Heb 4.12) what words are Gods words? IE the 'King James issue'.

  3. Space - (Psalm 19.1-6, Prov 25.3) Our place in the universe, and where were heading and the massive Baal worshiping effort (2 Kings 23.5, 2 Thess 2.11) to convince you otherwise. (Partly thanks to the Henry Morris bible for exalting 'science so falsely called' among Christianity, for example)

  4. State - (Dan 4.17, Luke 4.5-6) The actual nature of world governments, what they're up to, and how to swallow the idea that they aren't working in your (the citizens) best interests as a whole.



Been toying with the idea of a recommended reading section for a while now, listing the best books I've went though over the years. The problem is I go through so much that it'd be hard to narrow down 'recommended reading' to one page, as my reading habit is a bit like this guy.

However think if I break it up into sections ill manage it. (E.g. Bible studies, right division, dispensationalism, wrong doctrines as well as history, conspiratorial, red pill, politics, economics, culture, race, religion, masculinity, traditionalism etc) Over Christmas I seen a right-wing youtuber interview a guy and on his site he had his 'recommended reads' in pictures, and when you clicked one it'd come up and show you where to buy it. Anybody any idea what that'd be? Cant find the interview anymore to even follow it up.

Oh yeah another wee thing. There's no such thing as a 'secular' topic really. As every topic or situation, such as every thing I just put in brackets can be found in a king James Authorized version. (Col 2.2-4) There are folks out there seemingly so pious they'd try and convince you any devotional material not found in the 4 gospels isn't to be found in the bible at all.

But that isn't holiness. That's illiteracy.

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