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meh. :/

Updated: Apr 24

TL,DR - Shut the flip up, serve the Lord in the way that he sees fit for your life, (Rom 12.2) rightly divide his book (2 Tim 2.15) and ask him to help you to love him more in order to do that which pleases him. (Isa 53.10a, Ecc 12.13)

^Yes thats an indication of what type of post this will be :D

Been a bit. Here’s the deal, just finished first draft of next two books, which I'll be putting together in one commentary, and as is tradition now, Ill give a cryptic clue to drive my intellectual emulators (Gal 5.20) nuts but let bible believers easily catch what to expect. (Prov 8.9 & 14.6) In the first book, they mention the team at CERN repeating Gen 11.4-6. In the second book, it shows the fruit of them actually managing it - IYK,YK! :)

Time would fail me to tell of the past few months in dealing with -

  • Devil possessed policemen continuing persecution, demonic NIHE agents (all of which can be found in my Job 5.12 & Psalm 35.20 notes in the wisdom books commentary regarding events up until 2022 odd, the Lord has since awarded these scum with this - Psalm 89.23, Prov 17.4 & 15 - and when it comes to the lesbians in that note, Mrs dodgy managed to pray and quote the KJB aloud around their flat when they left for 10 minutes, and they packed up and fled a week later) 

Psalm 50:21  These things hast thou done, and I kept silence; thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself:but I will reprove thee, and set them in order before thine eyes.
Psalm 119:84-86 How many are the days of thy servant?when wilt thou execute judgment on them that persecute me? The proud have digged pits for me,which are not after thy law. All thy commandments are faithful:they persecute me wrongfully; help thou me.

Hearing some in my own camp promote state idolatry by cutting 1 Tim 2.2 in half, especially since covid, conveniently ignoring Prov 29.12, where as I wrote in my Judges Commentary on the note of 18.19-20, there’s been a judgement based noticeable drop in a certain section of the bible believing movement, (Clinging to fundamentalist leaven by looks of it which actually has its roots in a private interpretation of Prov 24.17-18 as far as I can tell) due to how they handled the scam-demic. The world was judged by it, (Prov 1.22-33) the Laodiceans were judged through it, and we were judged by our response to it, despite knowing the general truth of it. Tsk tsk! Guess my camp (especially a certain wing of it) had to be included in the 1 Peter 4.17 scenario too.

  • Spending 10 hours over a fortnight witnessing to 3 dyed-in-the-wool communists, one of which died a few days after I did. I tell you this, when the Lord wrote Isa 32.5 he meant it. Crack a reds nut open, and what you find therein, is honestly VILE. A truly Rotten, rotten kingdom building, hypocritical humanist religion. YUCK.

  • Being told by the Lord to travel 50 odd miles and dander aimlessly round an estate holding a bag full of tract packs (raging at him the whole time - Rom 7.24-  the absolute amount I argue with the Lord is unreal, and 2 things always turn out the same - I always yield to his instruction - Matt 26.42 - and he’s always right!) until the 'aha!' moment happened - a party of teenagers was getting kicked out of a house just at the moment I was passing by - BANG target acquired!! :D (This is one of several standout moments from my 'tract bombing campaigns' that ive wrote about in previous blogposts)

  • A witches coven, (first time I’ve ever been physically attacked by a demon, that was nice) the ringleader of which is actually a prostitute from a local town. Not that many of my readers would be tempted, I’m sure, but it really made me think, men, if your going to employ the services of a ‘woman of the night’ (Prov 7.7-27) you have really no, no idea what you could getting your life involved with (Ecc 7.26), I also know know personally of one house, its inhabitants and the value of the land it sits on (although I see of a few others going the same way due to the Hag 1.6 operation) is now completely damned by that ASMR wickedness, as found in Isa 8.19. Its a sub genre of witchcraft that’s massive on Youtube, 90% of which is women aiming towards men, and is marketed as a “sleep aid” of all things (yeah I bet - Job 7.14) I guess when the Lord wrote Prov 6.32, 7.25-27 and 9.18 he really, really meant it. Not to mention the implications of Prov 23.27! Makes me think different on John 4.18 for sure (and no that wasn’t a verse about 5 marriage certificates issued by the state lol!) when it comes to seeing physical manifestations, me and mrs dodgy seen one of these (<- clicky click) characters back in 2017, and the neighbours reading this post looking for something to get emotional about will know where I mean when I say, “my local hotel has no clue what manifests on top of it!' But hey, thats maybe because of the zealous pagan girl working there that I tracted years ago, and since then she witnesses to her spa/massage customers about 'odinism' every chance she gets? Hmmm…. maybe maybe.

  • Dealing with the infamous 'Jack the Ripper' demon twice as mentioned by pastors Alan Ryman here and Joel Tillis here and as I described in the note of Song of Solomon 2.17, of the Wisdom books commentary and the 'minotaur' demon (Psalm 22.22, Deut 3.11) that I wrote about in the note of Micah 1.1-9 in the Minor prophets commentary. However after sending a tract pack to a witches house (ironically enough, she lives in same infamous strip of land belonging to my counties ‘occult hotspot’ that housed the 3 communists also!) I woke up one night to a black being (Job 4.12-16) on top of me strangling me - I woke yelling LORD JESUS CHRIST twice (both times nothing audibly coming out - see many UFO abduction stories for the same regarding being paralysed / sleep paralysis and attacked in bed around 3 in the morning) and it dissipated. You know what? You’d think when God wrote 2 Tim 2.3-4 and Eph 6.12, he meant it. Know another thing? When the Lord God Almighty wrote Heb 13.2, he meant both sides. (Rev 12.7-9, Matt 25.41)

  • The Royal Mail 'office of dangerous goods' nabbing anything lately with Ruckman art on it, as its being classed as 'dangerous' by the Royal Mail and being forwarded to their ‘dangerous goods team’ in Northern Ireland and destroyed after 10 weeks if no requests for it are made for it. Lovely.

Ive a list of email addresses of Americans that ship bible believing stuff into the UK (Uk to inside the UK is fine apparently) that I’m going to email shortly warning about this (been tested 3 times since January, only the plain packaged stuff got through)  but anything with swords, lions, shields, German writing, (lol!) bibles etc is being classed as ‘dangerous goods’ so will be needed to be shipped in clear packaging to get to its intended location.

As if this country wasn’t clean damned and under judgement enough. Strange how Satan isn’t using state apparatus (which he’s in charge of - Luke 4.5-7) to nab any other breed of Christian literature..?

Also as the IRA, the state and the police all get a mention in this post, (sounds like the average Dodgy Man commentary, really) a reminder for my American readership, check Peter Ruckmans commentaries out for an explanation on who sinn fein actually are, especially when its not banned literature (yet) in your country.

On a wall I seen the other day. "loyalist" is a generalisation for Protestants in Ulster.

'Sinn Fein’ is another name for the IRA, (we as a whole, thank the late, great, Ian Paisley muchly for his efforts in propping them up in rulership positions, 2 Cor 6.14, oh yes) and its American counterpart was NORAID, which morphed into the ‘New York Friends of Ireland’ and other such wicked, yet friendly sounding groups. (John 7.24)

Same thing going on in America, right now, via these ‘nice’ sounding groups 

Check what I say about south Belfast and mid-ulster on down the page. Psssst - forget the government's list of ‘prescribed organisations.’ Instead, look towards the charitable cultural groups who get state grants, 'victim status' protections, and tax-free allowances…

  • The fallout from Amazons 'free pages' of Judges commentary and the Christmas Day post about the 'junkie pervert' comment was as hilarious as it was stupid and wicked (Ecc 10.3), as per usual. 3 crowds (God always establishes truth by doing everything in threes - Deut 19.15) all thought it was directly aimed at them. Listening to the lies of a junkie pervert to try and ‘get over’ on me. Ahhh guilt, you great revealer of social stupidity. On a completely random, non related note, Did you know every christian that tries to cover their dirty rotten alexandrian sins when ‘found out’ ALWAYS add more wickedness to the charge when running to cover it? (Prov 28.10&13,Josh 7.20-16) fascinating. The latest round of thieving the credentials of the KJB and giving it to an 'unknown' bible of their choice - Psalm 119.29, the set-up as revealed in Peter Ruckmans classic work 'the Unknown bible' even beat this stunning attempt at cover up - “Nicolas of Acts 6.5 was a cult leader of the Nicolations which God hates in Rev 2.6 so let no-one tell you only good things come out of Antioch in the bible” Sure was a bad day to be a computer screen when this fella had a coffee mug to his lips then I tell ye. Also as a preacher regularly featured on my channel said recently, 'people aren’t wicked because they’re ignorant or wrong', and that’s true, but they become wicked when they are presented with the truth of a matter, and instead double down in refusal of being wrong. On anything, not just the 'bible issue' of Psalm 12.6-7. It's wicked to cling to a falsehood in an concentrated refusal to be wrong, (Acts 9.5, Prov 19.5) when truth has been presented for you to either pray over, research etc.

Psalm 119:53  Horror hath taken hold upon me because of the wicked that forsake thy law.

You know what every single character above has in common? They all got the big 'J' and its follow up 'B's which amplified every unclean spirit running through them (as long as strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks didn’t sort the matter out first of course, of course, what else would you EXPECT out of a type of the MOTB?? - damning the body in this dispensation, damning the soul in the next, I suppose. Prov 1.23-33) And its the devils that float about them is the reason why the Lord keeps me away from crowds (and congregations - Prov 21.16, not that any of them locally give the KJB the respect its due via self exaltation and idolatry, and are worth the time to listen to, especially when they 'toed the line' on that 'issue' but I digress) be it in shops or in busy areas in general. (Prov 28.12)

Look at even the lost world trying to figure out whats wrong with them mentally (when its in fact a spiritual malady) here

I have to say this caveat as I’m fairly sure when I make lists of 'war reports' the Lord gets me to do and places he sends me to, the Devil whispers into the ear of the Christian reader to try and make him think theyre not ‘doing enough’ or right with the Lord or his life would be just as exciting etc. if it was or such.

Well, one. This list is off the top of my head, but its from the past 3 months, not a list of DAILY activities. As God works in seasons (Psalm 1.3, Ecc 3.1), there’s plenty of ‘quiet / calm before storm’ seasons too. And two, if you’re looking to be the ‘man that stands in the gap’ you need to remember a soldiers cost. Count it. I don’t have regrets, but I know I was drafted (rather than directly volunteer) to this gig! And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yarr a pirates life for me yo-ho! Every time Satan starts to succeed in getting me down about having such a rough and tumble life serving the Lord (IE being actually Pauline and Philadelphian in its nature) he ALWAYS ALWAYS brings a memory back to my mind, replayed out in full. (Phil 2.5, 1 Cor 2.16) -

Nearly 10 years ago... I get a half sleeve tattoo (Lev 19.28) from elbow to hand, all pirate themed, y'know, mermaids, anchors, ships, skulls and crossbones and such.When its done, Its wrapped up in cellophane, smelling of pure disinfectant, and bleeding fairly bad, and I go into my usual pub for a few. The barmaid makes a noise about ‘typical DM, bleeding all over the place and we have to clean it up’ or such, and a couple of my friends come over to check the art out. "Argh! One says, Pirates!, Cool". Whilst doing the usual 'grab and turn' to see the whole piece, while I pin my Jack (Prov 23.29-33) with my other hand. His brother then pipes up out of the blue and says, "Any wonder? Sure he IS a pirate!" And then the memory fades away. I smile and rejoice even right now as I type.

Yeah Lord, that’ll do, I love ya! Its an honour to serve you, sir! (Ex 15.3, Ezek 22.30a, 2 Tim 2.3-4)

By the way if any pious carnal fool with an evil heart of unbelief (Heb 3.12) thinks that’s a stretch, read Acts 27 & 28, Psalm 107.23-30 and watch Pirates of the Caribbean and think about it for a year or two.

Speaking of seasons, when I look back at my past 8 years of salvation (and past 6 of being a bible believer, when things went on overdrive) Ive had seasons of witnessing to certain types of people, and a season is nearly mainly (but obviously not exclusively) certain crowds. I only catch this with hindsight, as time goes on. Thinking back, there’s been seasons, of varying time frames, of nearly exclusively dealing with certain crowds. Including Demented drug addicts, loyalist paramilitaries & the far right, militant Irish republicans, common-purpose trained police, (who are still persecuting me and my woman, the sick idolatrous scumbags that they are, who can’t handle the fact that our enemies are getting battered and tortured by the Lord instead of me, but maybe ill do a blog post about the God who FIGHTS for his children, and oh, yeah, hey officer? Aye you! the one tasked with reading this! Ya poor thing! Do y'know what? When your creator wrote Rom 12.19, Heb 10.30 he may have just MEANT it* and in other news, do yourself a favour and click the 'how to get to heaven' link in top of page, thanks. - Prov 11.30 & 14.25a) oh and in other news, isnt it amazing, how this verse says province? (clicky click!)

Ecclesiastes 5:8 If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.

Now, where was I? oh aye, stupid naive solicitors, bloodthirsty communists, gypsy clans, (being surrounded by a whole clan, grabbing bits of wood and shed tools as they approached, while the patriarch was crying under conviction, whom I was directly witnessing too, was a fun one, that sort of thing happened twice actually, now that I think about it) angry roid-headed islamists, (turning south Belfast into the next Bradford<istan> as we speak, because know those right wing conspiracy theorists are just so evil and stupid talking about the west being invaded!,<Psalm 106.41b> lest we forget the white flight propping up Mid-Ulsters rental market bubble but I digress) reformed christians** other breeds of pious Christians, (all of which I’ve witnessed too over the years) but nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the most devil possessed creature on the planet. A religious, soap-opera watching, 40 years old+ white woman who very often work in retail, local government or in public education. Talk about the Prov 9.13-18 experience I tell ye!!!!

This has also been fuelled, and again, talk about national judgment since covid, by 5 supermarkets, belonging to 2 national chains, reporting me to their staff (and police) for leaving religious literature on their grounds IE tract pack into a trolley, in the bathroom (if applicable!) etc. This then puts the staff on guard when I’m next there, and has led into the religious, self righteous, working their way to heaven, neurotic, anti-depressant popping, soap-opera watching, 40 years old+ white women ‘season’ and Good Lord almighty have mercy on me!!!! Ill take the above list again! Please nooooooooooooooo not this! not a bunch of... Karens! NOOOOoooooooo... :D

See my note on Job 22.21-28 in my wisdom book commentary, for the particular reasons the self righteous, materialistic crowd living the ‘middle class dream’ (IE nightmare) have such a inbuilt, reactionary, ferocious intolerance to me. Including the crowd that read these posts and make repeated attempts to try and convince me theyre not 'Laodicean' Lol you muppets, youre as lost as an eskimo in the sahara, not a born again, laodicean Christian. - Do like the nice, fine officer there and click the 'How can I go to heaven' link on the menu up top, thanks.

I was set up in such away by the perfect carpenter who knows how to use every tool and bit of scrap material he can, for his benefit. (2 Tim 2.21 - note that passage is about separating yourself from carnal Christians) Do you know what other effect its having? The rage of the laodicean Christian shop staff, (1 in each shop actually, making 5 in total, acting the exact same way, like wee cloned cut outs of each other - IE being led by the same spirit) who can’t believe the noisy hillbilly hallion with his whole head tattooed is doing more for the Lord in their place of work than they are. Christian envy and effeminate resentment has never been more prevalent.

Psalm 119:42 So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me:for I trust in thy word.

These women are known by their noise sadly. They go from catty rage to Saul style piousness in a moments notice (1 Sam 15) and their ‘denominational’ spirit betrays them also. 100% of the time.

Protestant ones all talk like “well I’ve been… well I joined… well I’ve done…”

Catholic ones all talk like “well I just believe… well I’m doing this… well im doing that..”

Whereas (and here’s a secret ladies, keep trying to counterfeit the 'fruit of the spirit', because youse can’t) the Christian will talk as “Not me! Him! He’s done!, He’s doing! He IS! HES DONE IT ALL AND IS DOING IT ALL!"


Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Also some actual quotes as past few months - 

“Why do good things happen to bad people if there’s a good God?”

She got - because he hears their screams in hell for eternity and he’s being merciful to them now out of his goodness while he still can.

“Cursing cursing cursing looking for negative reaction to prove I’m not holy (never understood that logic tbh) then ends it with ... and does that talk annoy you?”

No not at all, why would I care for your sins?  you’ll look at the one that gave you that mouth eye to eye and answer for how you chose to use it then, what’s that to me?

“Oh that’s came to £6.66! My that would be bad if you believed in superstitions, wouldn’t it?”

Yep sure would. But as a born again Christian I know there’s a bit more to it than any superstitious nonsense.

Freezes, flaffs looks around her for help from coworker with face on her that betrays "help! this didnt go the way I thought it would!"

Can I have my shower gel now? <Both bottles were £3.33 a pop!>

“Cursing cursing cursing looking for negative reaction to prove I’m not holy”

Do you know what the most beautiful dress a woman can wear is?

“Um no?” 

A smile, do you know what the ugliest outfit that she can put on?

“No what’s that?”, (while being blatantly filled with dread and God amplifying her shame that I’ve stayed stoic and continued chewing my cud)

A foul mouth.

All reactions were done while praying on the spot for 2 seconds max, for the answer they needed to rebuke them for their wickedness. As the preacher David Hoffman often says, Modern Christians tend to be clueless one on one with the lost because they never pray for discernment. Please do so often, Christian reader. God will answer it and change your life.

Some examples of these spiritual ‘superpowers’ that follow under the umbrella of 'Discernment of spirits' are 

Implanted thoughts and statements from that sweet still voice (Prov 16.3) that turn out to be direct instructions. (Phili 2.5, Gen 5.24 + 6.9, 1 Kings 19.12, John 10.27)

Lie detector when one on one with people. (Heb 5.14, John 8.32, 1 John 4.6, Mal 3.18, 2 Sam 14.17)

Assurance form the Lord when Im being being recorded, either via audio recording or pictures / video. (Matt 22.18, Luke 5.22 + 20.23, John 1.16, Psalm 56.6) Four times thats happened, personally since being a bible believer, and each time the Lord at a later date confirms the 'suspicions'. I mentioned my local 'pharisees' linking up with 'saducees' and their raging stupidity here

When I walk into a room I can hear everything that’s been said about me in it before (Ecc 7.21-22 +10.20, Matt 13.4+19) up to the past few days previous, and I can always tell if I’m walking into somewhere where the plan is to either trap me in my words (Mark 12.13), or get a negative, angry reaction out of me. (Psalm 119.98) When that happens, after being in the room a couple of seconds I pray a Nehemiah style prayer for the Lord to do and use me as required. The general rule of thumb, as found in Prov 26.4-5, is if I discern they WANT an reaction, God 'bloops' me, and the calming, sedative affect from the Holy ghost kicks in, and I my mood stays nice. If theyre needing a rebuke, The Lord 'sets me off' and they get it, according to 1 Tim 5.20, 2 Tim 4.2, Eph 5.11, Rev 3.19 etc. the trick is the getting the Nehemiah prayer in before the flesh can do its own thing.


Rooms with the wifi on (Eph 2.2, Dan 11.38) and especially alexa devices (Psalm 135.15-18) are the worst.

Heb 4.12c and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Going through old memories of things throughout my life with my 'new eyes' and seeing it from the Lords point of view, including what was really going on in scenarios and situations spiritually. Especially if memories involving Christians from my past, as Its been the Lord, right there working.

If someones driving by or walking by my house (yes that includes you 'reverend' <Psalm 111.9 shows that taking that title is theft, just like the other crowd stealing the KJBs credentials to put on an 'unknown bible' - Matt 23.8-10> sending your envy -fuelling demons to me there, behind me as you're staring at my back! I know Ive big broad sexy shoulders but still, contain thyself!) I can tell what theyre doing, thinking or plotting if im the target. The Lords even brought me (and mrs dodgy at times) towards a window to see folk actually going by at that time, in order to be shown something about them. Ive even known certain neighbours to go by, filled with fear or terror against me for some stupid reason the Lords give them up to an amplification of fear for judgements sake according to Prov 1.24-33 and Rom 1, and I didn't need to physically see them to know who it was. I knew spiritually. See my note on these 'Jane bonds' and other mi6 agents in training here, to which a few of the 'guilty parties' stopped going by /stalking after that post. Strange isnt it?

All in all, and Ive had it made known to me by several Christian 'friends' locally it gives off the impression to others that we're always 'one step ahead of them' but its actually just the Lord. I use the term 'superpower' tongue in cheek.

Psalm 118:7 The Lord taketh my part with them that help me:therefore shall I see my desire upon them that hate me.

The main "gift" God gave me since taking those pure words literally is extreme discerning of spirits. (1 Cor 12.10) The cost of that power is suffering. its also fuelled by periods of prayer and fasting (Mark 9.29, a verse taken out of new 'bibles' as its author, as found in 1 Cor 14.33, doesnt want you to know where spiritual power against him, actually lies) Read carefully the wording of Phili 3.10. (I say gift in quotation marks there as it plays out in such scenarios where I often have trouble not believing its a curse.)

Furthermore, as this will surely set some readers off which have that pragmatic, carnal, evil heart of unbelief, notice I said gifts, (Rom 11.29, 1 Cor 12.1) not signs, (1 Cor 1.22) and know this, Christian -


A pesky side effect of that whole free-will thing the Lord gave each human.

In Psalm 119.2, Prov 23.26 he asks for your whole heart so then you can start to 'see' some things. Its up to you how much of it you give. and thus, how much you get back.

Be wary of Christians who have fall in into the 'fundy trap' of limiting God (Psalm 78.41) and try to limit your walk with him also. Theyll pull you down to their own pragmatic experience and exalt themselves over you via their 'time spent served' in such.


** I mention calvinists after ‘angry islamists’ because as I wrote extensively in my note of Job 5.1 in the wisdom books commentary, the similarities between angry calvinists reacting to their idols being under attack are eerily similar to a raging muslim on crystal meth in a mechanics garage looking for infidels. (Take a moment to think about it..!) Now, why am I suddenly in the mood for a Pb+J sandwich..?

* When you give the Lord Jesus Christ the instruction as found in Rom 12.19, in my direct and empirical experience, the world gets to see Psalm 108.12-13,112.8 & 109.16-20 in action, and they try to pin it on a person, instead of a God they don’t believe exists or if he does exist in their mind, he wouldn’t dare do such a thing as 'God is love'. The Lord then allows circumstantial evidence to falsify in their brains due to Ezek 14.11 & 1 Kings 22.22 being in operation across ALL dispensations. I have a list of links of news reports (Psalm 118.7) the Lords led me too, which shows his work in my life according to Prov 17.11&13.

^ A prophecy on common purpose policing ^

Proverbs 17.4 A wicked doer giveth heed to false lips; and a liar giveth ear to a naughty tongue.

Ive a separate, just-as-terrifying list of some houses that I’ve sent tract packs too (which includes a huge swathe of my country) that must’ve been on their ‘third strike’ (Prov 19.29, Titus 2.10) and something extreme happens to the occupants (Prov 21.12) after being presented with the truth (John 17.17) under the power of a king. (Ecc 8.4) You can always be a witness too, or against, the lost, reader. Its how they take it that makes all the difference.

If you need help in fearing God, reader, due to the importance of Job 28.28, ask him to show you WHY you should. (Isa 50.10, Jer 26.19, Mal 3.16, Luke 23.40, Acts 10.35, Psalm 119.120 & 128.1, Prov 19.23 - quite the bible study there!) I wrote more about these things in my note of  6.29 in the Judges commentary.

Psalm 119:38 Stablish thy word unto thy servant,who is devoted to thy fear.
Malachi 3:16 Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name.
2 Timothy 2.9 wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound.

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Bible Believer TUBE
Bible Believer TUBE
Apr 24

Added a whack of bible verses to 'superpower' bit and included spirits using wifi due to Eph 2.2 & Dan 11.38

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