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My Words Do Good

In Mic 2:7, the Lord asks, “do not my words do good to him that walketh uprightly?” Indeed, they do. For us who desire to walk uprightly, God’s words are very good. The key is that you must be walking uprightly. These words are not good to anyone who is determined to walk frowardly. When you want to walk contrary to God he can walk contrary to you. God’s words will be like a fire and a hammer to you, Jer 23:29. Men who walk contrary to God despise the words of God, and that’s a sure way to be destroyed, Prov 13:13.

However, if you want to walk uprightly, you will find the words of God extremely good.

They provide us with truth – so much of what we hear in the news, so much of what we read on the internet, so much of what we’re taught in school, so much of what people say, even much of what is preached is not true. We are so prone to lies today, that I believe people would rather hear lies than hear the truth, Jer 5:31, Ps 4:2, Jer 9:5. One place you will always hear the truth is in the King James Bible, Jn 17:17, whether you want to hear it or not.

They provide us with direction – we must receive direction continually from the Lord. God’s words give us perfect direction, Ps 119:105. When you read God’s words he gives you the understanding you need to settle your course, Ps 119:130. He shows you how to prepare your way and follow him. They make you sure footed, Prov 4:11-12

They provide us with comfort – we are constantly reminded in the Bible of God’s care for us, 1 Pet 5:7. The Holy Spirit communes with us in the words of God to bring us comfort, assurance, peace, and joy, Jn 14:15-17; Jn 16:13-14. You can tell real Bible believers from infidels in stressful times. Bible believers don’t waver. They stay calm, stedfast, solid through the calming, settling, power of God’s words.

They provide us with hope – in the Bible we already know the end. We know how all this life is going to play out. We know how we got here, we know how to get out of here, and we know where we’re going when we leave, Jn 14:1-6. There aren’t any surprises. Before the Jews went into captivity in Assyria and then in Babylon, prophet after prophet came to warn them and to tell them what was going to happen and how to prepare for it. Those who believed had hope. Jeremiah even bought property before the captivity based on the word of God, Jer 32:6-15. He said, you will be coming back and settling in your own land again. And Jesus told us that we would be with him for eternity, living in New Jerusalem and reigning with him on the earth as kings and priests through his millennial reign.

Conclusion: If you are a Bible believer walking uprightly, God’s words are good to you. Read them, believe them, and live by them. You’ll have truth, direction, comfort and hope. If you aren’t a Bible believer, you should become one now. And if you aren’t living uprightly, you ought to turn around right now and start walking in the light of God’s words. Get saved by believing on Jesus Christ and then let his words start instructing you and leading you. You cannot even imagine what you are missing right now.

But when you find out, you’ll say, “Man, God’s words are good.”

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