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Updated: Nov 24, 2023

This was published at midnight on Thursday the 27th April 2023.

Its been a bit. Here's the deal.

Had a post ready to go about demon possessed Christians.

Next thing computer busts. Odd that, wasn't it?

Get it back 3-odd weeks later and keep getting convicted about posting it (not the idea of actually posting it, just the time of which to) as God has had me 'shelve' some posts in the past, and then theres the other conviction he gives me where its like 'eh eh eh! not yet fella, Luke 21.19!' and Im like 'Ok Lord, your will be done. hmmph!'

Then as that period of time went on, the folks anticipating my 'Ulsters Unbelief' work as found in part 2 of 'new year new triggerings' started being more apparent.

The triggerings I'd foreseen started bearing fruit. Strange fruit. (Matt 7.16)

You see, sometimes when God has me delay a post, he starts sending me other situations that I can use for examples to back up whatever I'm writing about. ('witnesses' as found in Matt 18.16 & Deut 19.15) The most startling, fairly recent of which, happened with my last commentary, regarding Psalm 131 specifically.

Two other 'witnesses' speaking to me recently about the subject, both waiting for it, can see a section of the post over at Greg Millers blog which I'll be copying and pasting over as part of the whole post when I publish it.

Anyhow I've started writing a new book and I am about a third way through the Ulsters' unbelief series, both of which are happening 'just in time' for more examples to be made regarding their subjects. (The only hint about what book of the bible it is, ill say that its the book featuring the society where Gen 3.5 has blossomed into full bloom - it'll save my emulators <Gal 5.20> the effort of spending several months copying me and getting slapped at the seat <2 Cor 5.10> for it. kthxbye)

Now when it comes to demon possessed Christians, (completely blinded by pride, self exaltation, and general madness against any authority higher than themselves and thus given over to the 1 Kings 22.22, 1 Cor 5.5 & Ezek 14.1-11 mechanisms) I would say liberals give me hardly any trouble. Seriously. I have a libtard (saved and lost - Ecc 10.2-3) social distancing aura about me and I very rarely have to deal with them, except the odd feminist when God wants a quick comedy show. I wrote in my commentary on Psalm 49.13 about the effect of pretending to be a cross between a camel chewing its cud and a farmer standing idly at a gate in order to infuriate these Jezebels, so its easy done. Even one megachurch liberal Christian locally was a mighty blessing to me once, quoting a KJB passage which was exactly what was needed when going through a trial, and was one of the few local Christians to compliment my work. If you're reading, (I know a neighbour told you about this place!) thanks again.

However I would say 80+% of my trouble comes from Christians who fall under the classic....

<wait for it!>

<wait for it!>

"good, godly, sound, conservative, fundamentalist, evangelical" banner.

First off, as if it needs said, a countries personal apostasy doesn't start with liberals. Far from it actually. They are a side effect (technically, a rebound) of the apostasy already in place thanks to the conservatives exalting themselves over the bible (the one that God himself exalts over his own sons name in Psalm 138.2) and seeing themselves as the final authority and truth on all matters which is a fulfillment of Gen 3.5 and a trampling session all over John 17.17.

The crowd that very often refers to themselves as 'godly' (whatever thats supposed to mean) should read Psalm 12.1-3 and see that so-called godly men "speak vanity, flatter, have a double heart and speaketh proud things and are ripe for judgment." (paraphrasing)

A demon possessed Christian isn't just completely blinded by pride, self exaltation, and general madness against any authority higher than themselves out of the blue, it often comes as a result of getting a prick / conviction / reproof /correction from the Holy Spirit, (2 Tim 3.16, Acts 6.10 & 9.5, 2 Peter 2.16, 2 Sam 23.2, Ezek 2.2) but instead of thanking God for it, (Eph 5.20, Psalm 141.5) they stiffen their neck, refuse to admit (or even run it by God himself) that they're in error, (the horror!) and then start attacking, chasing, or looking an emotional reaction (as effeminate and insecure as any beta male trait one could sadly witness) out of the ass (Num 22.29-32) that God used to do so. Its basically them reacting with Prov 24.29, then carrying out vs 28. Which can even go so far as looking to ruin the one that God used financially, their relationships or their reputation. Which isn't actually logical, so 9 times out of 10, in the Christian life, if it isn't logical, then its spiritual.

1 Cor 5.5

to deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.

1 Peter 5.8

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Galatians 5.15

But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.

Usually done as a test from the Lord using someone they would think is beneath them, (and see my note on Job 22.21-28 for why I'm rather uniquely set up to do that often) and thus given over to the 1 Kings 22.22 & Ezek 14.1-11 mechanisms, the above 3 verses, ^ and the whole sorry situation can even end with Prov 15.10. Proof of when its going on I've noticed is when they suddenly start seeking confirmation bias, find another person or group (saved or lost, but usually also under the same mechanism btw!) to cross paths (seemingly at random, deceiving them that its 'meant to be' as remember, they haven't asked God for direction nor discernment) to support each others sudden, new found 'holy endevours', and create an echo chamber for each other. Which social media also can facilitate in a big way. The purpose for finding an echo chamber where confirmation bias is attained is to ease the Holy Spirits pricks until hes quenched completely. Youtube and Facebook (2 Cor 2.11) are major sources for this. Ever see a Christian fall into apostasy (which I get no pleasure over, despite what I've heard) then suddenly become nigh nutbar-fanatical on social media posting videos, sermons and works by their new apostate (belonging to their new heresy of choice) mentors and influences until they finally get someone thanking them or agreeing with them and then it starts to slow down, kinda gets less frantic? I have.

In the coming post ill explain how all this can happen, as it seems to be a scary topic for Christians who find it hard that the Holy Spirit can inhabit a body thats been given over to a devil to use or influence. (2 Cor 6.16) But I want to make clear this just doesn't happen for nothing, as God has each born again, saved Christian hedged in protection as it says in Job 1.10.

Galatians 5:19-21

Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Inheriting the KOG isn't 'getting saved' as I heard locals teach years ago - the implication being these folks were INCAPABLE of doing these sins so they were 'always right' theologically and 'always pure' socially. Its inheriting rewards as a Christian. (Acts 20.32 & 26.18, Eph 1.10-18, Col 1.12 & 3.24, Heb 6.12) - I dont 'inherit everlasting life' like an OT saint or a trib saint, I get it as a free gift in this dispensation. (Rom 6.23, Eph 2.8)

You see...

It was a "good, godly, sound, conservative evangelical" that recently sent a bible believer a note warning people against me and my work, how I'm damaging churches and hurting Christians. (How he thought he wouldn't tell me I've no idea, unless that was anticipated - you sly, sly Athaliah ya! - 2 Kings 11) I.E. by that of course he means im kicking over petty idols (including his own) off their altars and making it hard for their worshipers to pick the pieces back up to glue them together while I go on my merry way and laugh. (Judges 6.28-30) Yeah I will laugh, for I'll do like Elijah in 1 Kings 18.27 and the Lord in Prov 1.26 & Psalm 37.17, and also kick against the stupid Antichrist preparing, 'spirit of unity' (2 Cor 6.17) affecting the mind of these Christians who think you cant mock false religions, beliefs, self exalting practices or their own public hissy-fits. Thankfully that spirit of unity and emotionalism is clean out the window in heaven itself as shown in Rev 19.1-3 and no, its obviously nothing to do with Psalm 133.1. Also, Elijah wasn't very progressive there in that chapter, was he? what about Amos' classic response to the pious state preacher in Amos 7.17? That's not very modern, caring, sharing, loving, open or understanding, is it? Do you know what the root of all this logic is?

Its found in Psalm 40.4 -

"Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies."

Psalm 119.21 -

"Thou hast rebuked the proud that are cursed, which do err from thy commandments"

and Mark 12.24 -

"Do ye not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God?"

You know what 'respecteth not' means? Disrespect! and do you know what I am going to do? I'm going to keep dishing out the rebukes (as commanded in 2 Tim 4.2) to these Laodicean pharisees and idolaters as long as the Lord wants. When the jawbone of an ass (a type of God using the a mans mouth to batter folks that need it in the name of the Lord) was used to kill a thousand idolaters in Judges 15.15-16, you best believe as Samson was trampling over them whacking away they cried 'stop it! stop it! you're hurting us! How can this be of God??? God is loooove!!! Turn the other cheek!! EEEEEEE!' 'Yeah' thought Samson, 'This item and the one in Heb 4.12, Judges 3.21, Rev 1.16, 2.16 & 19.15 arent used for pillow-fighting'. (For that caper go grab a NIV, NLT or ESV, or such)

You see I never call them out by name, or make it personal (unlike some others I know) I rebuke behaviors in a 'spray and pray' method and then the pricks fall where they're needed. Its amazing how many get kicked and think it was aimed for them personally. Nope. Take that up with the one that stabbed you with Heb 4.12. Then don't huff because of Gal 4.16, don't pout because of of Hos 4.6 and don't let envy (James 3.16, Job 5.2, Prov 27.4, Rom 1.29) have its useless time with you.

Lest you open yourself up to the one looking to get you at the throne!! (Job 1.9-12)

'Help needed'

Seriously?? you had to even steal a title off me when trying to ruin me? Sheesh!

The nerve of some these male Jezebels! *

Gal 1.10 I seek to please men?

for if I yet pleased men,

I should not be the

servant of Christ.

You see...

It was a"good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative evangelical" that said 'All your doing is trying to tell people the King James bible is perfect and we aren't' (after separating me and my woman up via false pretexts to get our 'stories straight') <see my note on Psalm 119.78-87 in the wisdom book commentary> HUZZAH!

It was a "good, godly, sound, conservative, fundamental, evangelical" that told me "Instead of doing what God wants you do, do what we tell you to do, or you're guilty of witchcraft". He then quoted 1 Samuel 15:23 verbatim"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry." With a voice on him like Pinocchio from Shrek. Strange how he didn't finish the verse though. "Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king." As that's exactly what he was guilty of. HUZZAH!

It was a"good, godly, sound, conservative evangelical" that told me "Ruckmanites are always wrong, never believe what they say, here, have this reformed heritage bible and this Henry Morris.. oh and this MacArthur NKJ study bible. Yes yes. Of course the King James is perfect, of course. Of course. But just read these commentaries....


It was a"good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative evangelical"that said "The canon is shut, there is no more revelations. This book" - pointing at the king James bible the"good, godly, sound, conservative evangelical" uses - "is a dead book, let no-one tell you otherwise." HUZZAH!

It was a "good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative evangelical"that told a building contractor to avoid speaking to me in case"he witnesses to you and makes you uncomfortable with that Bible talk" (whats a mans soul when a good discount is involved, eh?) and although this list is about the actions of demon possessed Christians, (IE under the influence of spirits that do the job of Luke 8.5-12 & Mark 4.15) she is the only one that would give me room to ponder if shes actually able to be included in a list of born again, saved Christians. This actually happened twice and one took a Ruckman reference bible home after it'd turned out he was actually saved but was chewed up and sput out of a local church (whose members read this blog) after hitting the drink as a result of his wife and children suddenly deserting him. (Hint: he wasn't "persevering" so... yeah.) Hope your still reading this stuff and keeping on keeping on fella. HUZZAH!

It was plain young 'Christian looking' teenage girl with no makeup, a big smile, and hair so long she had to mind not to sit on it that burst into tears the first day she came into my old workplace when I told her how to get saved, as she'd spent her whole life in a "good, godly, sound, conservative evangelical church" and they had kept it from her, despite religiously appearing there 3 times a week as far as she could remember. That "good, godly, sound, conservative Wesleyan church" told her it was acting a certain way that would ensure your entry into heaven you know what? they use the KJB too! Yaaayy! HUZZAH!

It was a"good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative evangelical" that said 'You're spending too much time in that bible and not enough time coming out socializing with us churchfolk' (seems like at that early stage she knew James 4.4 & Prov 29.3 eh?) HUZZAH!

It was a"good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative evangelical" that said 'don't read the bible, ask the minister everything as he's the holy man of God and he and his wisdom is all you need'. (Mad how those that bang on about the reformation the most, now speak like those they were 'protesting' against back then, isn't it?) HUZZAH!

It was a"good, godly, sound, conservative evangelical"that asked me not explain bible passages the unsaved men were asking about at a local meeting as it made him look bad that he could only answer them like a scholar and not as a man as shown in Acts 4.13, exemplified in Matt 7.29 and warned against in 1 Cor 2.6 & Jude 1.16.

As John Perkins once said 'we bible believers have a certain manner of speech' and when copied by Alexandrians, it comes off as insincere at best, or an act of some kind at worst. This is also very, very apparent when the Jude 1.16 scholar talks one way behind a pulpit but then like a normal human 'off the stage'. HUZZAH!

It was a"good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative evangelical" that said 'you shouldn't be with him, hes bad for you, you can do much better'. (This has been echoed from unsaved demon possessed folk too, but seems like at that early stage she knew John 7.27 as well?) HUZZAH!

It was a"good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative evangelical" that told me that "I couldnt be saved because of how I look" (Now, Ill be honest here. I've never heard of free tattoo removal coming with the instant propitiation, justification, reconciliation, adoption, translation et al, but maybe that theological nugget is in a newberry or the original greek somewhere?) I mean, I totally, totally get the unsaved thinking something as retarded as that.. but a saved Christian..? HUZZAH!

It was a"good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative evangelical" that said to her "maybe next time if you can convince him to stay at home and you start coming alone, Ill even pick you up myself, as he's not really suited for our image (Authors note: AMEN SISTER, THANKS LORD, PRAISE YOUR NAME, HALLELUJAH. AMEN AMEN AMEN) in these meetings" I'm sensing a pattern, as it seems like at that early stage she knew 1 Thess 5.21 as well? HUZZAH!

It was a"good, godly, sound,

fundamental, conservative evangelical" that convinced her how important it was to come to a woman's event for 'fellowship' where all it was a feminist hissy fit against 'Trump, the resurgence of far right traditionalism (see my note in Ecc 7.10) and the dangers of being an edgy memelord' And this coming from the denomination who are infamous locally for spouse abuse, due to them being told they are to Lord it over their wives until they do like Sarah In Gen 18.12, all the while being weak betas. Naturally. You wonder why those poor women* are famed for their miserable looks?? One more time folks, HUZZAH!

For even more examples of this sorry list, See my commentary on Psalm 119.78-87. There's actually worse. Also, two quotes above are from Christians who are closet (barely) homosexuals.

Isn't that something?

^ Jeff Smith's video there is literally the best sermon I've ever heard on this exact topic. Nails several issues on the head without fail.

Pastor Peter Venturas' latest newsletter had a good summary of this -


1) Speak with authority – Acts 4:8; 2) Correct Religious Leaders – Acts 4:10; 3) Preach the Resurrection from the dead -Acts 4:10; 4) Preach one way for salvation – Acts 4:12; 5) Be uneducated and yet knowledgeable – Acts 4:13.

The most wicked, demon possessed, reprobate Christians that give me the most trouble are those that are easily described as"good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative, evangelical."

The most petty, effeminate, vindictive scumbags I've ever met are those that are easily described as "good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative, evangelical." sadly.

The best way to deal with them is following what the Lord put in Prov 23.9, 26.4 & 2 Tim 4.14b.

An awful lot of them seem to be far too educated beyond their intelligence, which results in them having a lot of knowledge, (not much of it doctrinal though) but are still in general thick as champ. Maybe more to do with the inescapable fact that good liars needing good memories, (Prov 18.7) but whens God putting you through the 'Romans road' into the reprobate mind stage (Rom 1.18+28) how good can even your memory really be?

Isn't it strange how 'sound' is in that description, as if the rest of those titles make it seem they are 'sound in faith' as found in Titus 2.2, yet I'm told in Titus 1.13 that they need rebuked sharply in order to get there? Or is it 'sound doctrine' that actually means? because that's certainly not there either. Despite exalting their own words (Rom 1.18, Phili 3.19) over the 'sound words' in 2 Tim 1.13, Psalm 12.6, 119.140, & Prov 30.5 when their great swelling words (2 Peter 2.18) and highminded (2 Tim 3.4) opinions presented as fact (Jude 1.16) are about as sound as a £6 note bought in bulk off Uncle Fungus at Nutts corner.

And you know what? he was always more honest, sincere and straight-up to me than any of this crowd. :)

You see, the characters standing smoking outside bars with 'sunday newspaper' reputations that scare the 'normies' on a Saturday night when they drive by them when they have to go to pick up emergency pints of milk or petrol, or the serial killers, or convicted terrorists, or the 'council estate names of infamy' are kids play. With actual discernment (as a result of praying for 1 Cor 12.10 and using Heb 4.12) you'll see real wickedness. When my Savior said 'which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.' he means the wolves LOOK like 'sheep'. What sort of sheep? why, of course, none other than"good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative evangelical" sheep obviously!



A snippet from my commentary on Psalm 131.1, which had started life as a blog post but became, through circumstance, part of that note instead. Its gone full circle now I suppose.

... What they do in response is throw mud at your character while simultaneously polishing their idols.

Every single time.

This spiritual situation is as amazing and horrifying in equal measure. (Rom 2.1) Its based on their thinking that they're 'getting under your skin' because of how they worship their own image and status, and their idea that anyone wouldn't think of them with a godly, respectful 'awe' is as terrifying to them as anything this life (or the next) has to offer. So they think it would garner the same reaction in you. It's quite the mental kink. If they redeem the time by

exalting their own selves, would they want their 'god' to look bad? No. But those who fear God (Job 28.28) think little of themselves, especially the opinion of humanist idolaters. (2 Cor 6.16-17)

This brings me to why they also HAVE TO polish their idols in response to being refuted. Because God has it set up in such a way that when they think they're 'getting you good' by attacking your character, their own idolatrous character is laid bare in their effort.

Every single time.

Never bring yourself down to their level. Unless it's done in a comedic fashion. As I've said, piousness and humour don't mix.


PS. Not all Christians who disagree with me, dont think like me, get angry at me, or 'do something annoying' are demon possessed.

I'm most certainly not saying that they are.

However the examples I have given of 'good, godly, sound, fundamental, conservative, evangelical's' of whom were all certainly under the influence of devils including to the point where they are sadly wholly given over to them, and using their emotions (and resulting instability) as the vehicle to ride on. I can get blasts of sweeping, crashing waves of despair when near them, sometimes strong enough to take my breath away or hurt my eyes (and they get suddenly ratty, out of the blue they turn) until I prayerfully rebuke the unclean spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of his holy blood as shown in Matt 18.18, 1 John 1.7 & Heb 9.14. (It sometimes happens straight after I talk 'bible' with them which again shows theres something in them trying to keep truth <John 17.17> out, and its found in Luke 8.5-12 & Mark 4.15)

Remember demons are typified (Rom 1.20) by small winged animals such as flies, (Luke 11.15, Psalm 78.45, Ecc 10.1, Psalm 118.12, Judges 14.8, 2 Kings 1.2, Rev 16.13) and they are attracted to lights in the dark. (Luke 11.35, John 12.46, Rom 13.12, 2 Cor 4.6, 2 Peter 1.19, 1 John 1.7) Ever leave front door open at night with hall light on and get invaded by flies? Laodicean, Alexandrian Christians are houses with open doors. (1 Cor 3.15-17 & 6.19-20, 2 Cor 5.1-4, 2 Peter 1.13, John 2.21)

I recommend checking out Clerence Larkins 'dispensational truth' book about 'gates' and Jeffrey Mardis 'Prophecy of Job' book about flies.

More on this subject is also found in my commentary on Amos chapter 5 in the Minor Prophets.

PPS. Started using more pop culture gifs recently as when I first did it in last Julys Ulster Part 2 post (after finding out wix has a massive free selection in this blog) after being inspired by Joel Tillis' soul trap episodes where a wee snippet of a pop culture situation is placed directly after a statement, but the reaction from those 'too pious for a sense of humour' was so hilarious it encouraged me to do it more often. Oh and on that note, for legit bible believing 'edgy memelords' have a gander at Kristina and her husbands instas. Like, uh-huh totally.


PPPPS. As if my"sound, conservative evangelical"country wasnt ripe enough, Biden and the Clintons came over for a wee stay recently talking about the merits of having the IRA in our government (Psalm 106.41) as its been all 'peace, peace, peace' since then apparently. (Matt 10.34, 2 Thess 5.3)

Cool - give it to the place double anytime Lord! (Rev 18.16) HUZZAH!



Hi, I'm the wee guy from 1 kings chapter 13. I was a bible believer who believed and obeyed the pure words of God in vs 9, had a spiritual victory in vs 1-10, then was ruined by an older fundamentalist who claimed a higher, unwritten, unseen authority (like seeing the original autographs when all he had was a lexicon which made him feel smart) but was lying through his teeth like the rest of them in vs 18. Believing this fool got me killed in vs 24 (spiritually ruined and thus barren and unfruitful in type) by the lion of 1 Peter 5.8. I'm just here sponsoring this post to remind the reader theres 'nothing new under the sun' (Ecc 1.9) and its worse today in Laodicea (Rev 3.14-19) with envy, pride and effeminacy swallowing them whole (Gal 5.15, Isa 33.14a) than it ever was in 975 BC. Have you a good day!

Acts 8.30b

...Understandest thou what thou readest?

* My next book will also have a note on the benefits of 'toxic masculinity' (LOL!) for Christian women. Remember as I often say, the problem with Laodicea is comfort. (Rev 3.14-19) And comfort is what makes men weak. Which in turn, makes women miserable and angry.

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