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Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Take note of the wording of Romans 16:19b

but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good,

and simple concerning evil.

^That doesn't mean you should be unaware of, willfully ignorant of, or be sticking-your-head-in-the-sand like a wuss about the existence of evil things. You can imagine the response of the 'usual suspects' to this post whereby this had to be added. <sigh> Not to mention the blatant fact that any decent soldier (2 Tim 2.3-4, Psalm 144.1) needs to know 'his enemy' (ask the unsaved) but I digress!

A Bible- believing, rightly dividing, conspiratorial truth website and podcast from Joel Tillis of Suncoast baptist church

Have a gander at his

Rumble (Where most of his videos go for obvious reasons)

His shows can be found on:

If you're like me when you pop you cant stop, you'll devour this stuff.

Remember Hebrews 13.9 folks - we don't you becoming nuttier than you already are!

Why is a red-pilled, conspiratorial bible believing show needed? simple, its because:

A scene from his Intro video

The professionalism, sound set-up and presentation is top-notch and is very good to see in our camp. The movie samples have me in fits of laughter at times, which is a welcome balancing relief of the serious and heavy-hitting nature of its topics.

Plus who wouldn't want to be the coolest kid on the block with some of these bad boys?

Other preachers not worried about dishing out red-pilled cold hard realities include:

That is not a limited list as most if not all 'Ruckmanites' are clued in with whats really going on regarding Satans world, but these folk have dished out some hard-to-swallow conspiratorial stuff, yet its necessary whether you like it or not. - Which reminds me, have a look at the creative church invitations this crowd makes!

That's how you get the right crowd into church.

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