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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

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My dear friends, Pastor Matt Crane, his wife and 4 children have just underwent a catastrophic incident. On Thursday, June 10, Bro. Matt suffered severe head trauma, striking his head causing bleeding in the presence of his wife and children. He was rushed by an ambulance to the ER, where a CT scan and other extensive testing were performed. As this was all out of town, and not in his home state, his family is unsure and concerned that medical expenses will NOT be covered. He will be under the care of a CONCUSSION TEAM and will start MEMORY THERAPY Wednesday, June 16. Right now he is experiencing some confusion and some motor problems.

Pastor Matt Crane is the ONLY PROVIDER of his family, and their MONTHLY LIVING expenses come to around $4000/mo. Sadly, now his wife of four is having to make VERY SERIOUS DECISIONS financially, logistically, and medically regarding all of her husband's many hats. He "does the work of ten men" while single-handedly running Final Fight Bible Radio, running SEVERAL FOREIGN STATIONS which are literally reaching the unreached, including countries in the 10/40 window.

He is an active father, active in bringing the gospel worldwide, and let's face it... GOD, through the ministry of Final Fight Bible Radio and Pastor Matt Crane, have connected many Bible-Believing Christians, helped hundreds of Bible-Believing ministries, and have raised several thousands of dollars for Bible-Believing missionaries, and the devil KNOWS IT.


- I will ask that FIRST, you COMMIT TO PRAYING for his health and MEMORY to be rehabilitated swiftly for AT LEAST 30 DAYS.

- Secondly, please CONSIDER donating to this family, as not only this donation will go towards their medical expenses, but more so, you will be helping this household's multiple ministries and a Bible-believing family in need.

We know that God owns a cattle on a thousand hills, but we know that




Please send gifts/letters of encouragement to:

Matt & Ashlie Crane

PO Box 4076

Hillsboro, OR 97123



Today by Randy Gorski, Organizer

Hello all... Just spoke minutes ago with Bro. Matt's wife Ashlie & Bro. Mark & Christine Peaden whom will be close by their side in the midst of this trial. Please note the following updates: - THEY ARE TREMENDOUSLY GRATEFUL FOR THE REQUEST TO HELP FROM THE SAINTS. - Pastor Matt is ORDRED BY THE DOCTOR NOT to look directly at any screens, and have as MINIMAL BRAIN STIMULATION AS POSSIBLE. - The current plan is for Sis. Ashlie's mother to help with watching the children, Bro. Mark Peaden to help with the church in OR and Sis. Christine Peaden will be assisting Sis. Ashlie in managing Final Fight Bible Radio. We have received several requests for TECH SUPPORT, therefore the Peadens will consult with the Cranes and be obtaining a detailed list of jobs that will need to be fulfilled. Will keep you updated. - Sis. Ashlie will be FOCUSING ON TAKING CARE OF HER HUSBAND, therefore she said it would be easiest for her to DIRECT ALL YOUR REQUEST TO HELP for their family, to sis. Christine Peaden via email to [email redacted]. - We have raised the bar of the donation amount, as Ashlie is still in the midst of contacting the insurance companies re: specific payments owed. Please note we can modify the amounts as needs are informed. - Bro. Matt is alert and can be ambulatory, but is still experiencing some confusion & some overexcited motor responses to very easy stimuli. He needs dark glasses outside. Noise is really bothersome for him, and he is sleeping very frequently. His speech thankfully, is not slurred, but is forgetful of events. His wife said he can only get in "3 BIBLE VERSES A DAY" and even for this, it tires him and throws him into abnormal motor responses. Some clonic/tonic seizing occurred so far ONLY at the time of the incident, so please pray for no further occurrences. They have said he is "definitely NOT OUT OF THE WOODS." He is managing with anti-inflammatories at this time. - Their daughter Suri also experienced a great fall, so please pray for her healing as well. - The fall occurred at a great height, adult sized "monkey bars", thus Bro. Matt fell from a very significant leap. This was not one that the children were playing on. - Sis. Ashlie must drive and travel for 8 hours driving on Monday, June 14 back to OR, which she is a little nervous about with driving herself, her husband, and the children. - Bro. Matt's next appointment for Memory Care is Wed., June 16. - MD stated there can be 10-14 days of abnormal neurological symptoms. No acute internal brain bleed noted, just external bleeding with no skull fracture. - Sis. Ashlie IS REQUESTING PRAYER FOR WISDOM ON HER DECISION MAKING as their family is facing a multitude of major decisions. WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED. THANK YOU DEAR BRETHREN FOR YOUR LOVE & LABOUR FOR THE LORD, & FOR THIS FAMILY.

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