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Ulster (Part 2)

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Well saying it is my national holiday...

Find part 1 here

Hi Uncle Sam!

When freedom was denied you,

And imperial might defied you,

Who was it stood beside you,

At Quebec and Brandywine ?

And dared retreats and dangers,

Redcoats Hessian strangers,

In the new lean long rifled Rangers,

And the Pennsylvania line.

Hi Uncle Sam!

Wherever there was fighting,

Or wrong that needed righting,

An Ulsterman was sighting

His Kentucky gun with care,

All the road to Yorktown,

From Lexington to Yorktown

From the valley forge

to Yorktown, That Ulsterman

was there.

Hi Uncle Sam!

Virginia sent her brave men,

The North paraded grave men,

That they might not be slave men,

The first to face the Tory,

And the first to lift the Glory,

Made your war on Ulster’s story :

Think it over Uncle Sam.

Rev W.F. Marshall of County Tyrone (1943)


In the first paragraph of part 1 you read about this fine fellow

and I have to say I very much agree, have a gander at the evidence

but then whats this?

Yes you see the preacher who preached this and wrote this sit down with a man who espoused liberation theology, (Ruckman reference bible appendix # 107) while he's doing exactly what his friends at FARC (Columbia) and the ETA (Spain) did to hold their governments hostage only a few years later. Where do you think they got the blueprint from?

and don't get me started on the woman in the middle...

<Hmmm, confusingly reaches for Bible and finds Matthew 7.20, then flicks over to 2 Peter 2.20, and skims over to 2 John 1.11 followed by a period of pondering over the fact that cowardice is the famous hallmark of his 'godly', 'scholarly' ilk (Prov 28.1a)>


Peter Ruckman's Commentary on Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, 2004

and I quote:

“The fear of man bringeth a snare.”

Witness this striking example. Beauchamp Vick’s two preacher-grandsons (Billy and Larry Bartlett) were touring Spurgeon’s tabernacle with the Ulster “fire eater” Ian Paisley several years back. While talking about this and that Larry asked Brother Paisley, “Do you ever read any of Dr. Ruckman’s material?”

“Oh, yes. I’ve several books by Dr. Ruckman.”

“Well, what do you think about his position on the King James Bible?”

“Oh, I agree with him; he is absolutely right!” *

Then, quickly, lowering his voice slightly, the “fire eater” said, “But don’t tell Dr. Bob I said that!!”

He was referring to Bob Jones Jr. who invented the word “Ruckmanite” and shipped students who took my position on the King James Bible.

You see, Dr. Paisley’s daughter was attending BJU at that time, and after all, what does faithfulness to the Holy Bible amount to when there is a danger your daughter might not get a college education?

“The fear of man bringeth a snare.”

Hmmm isn't it funny how the Lord just seems to work things out?

Ecclesiastes 8.6a

Because to every purpose there is time and judgment

Ecclesiastes 12.14

For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

* His clones know this too, which is why they fervently read this blog and gossip about it in a state of low level panic. They just cant admit what the Holy ghost is telling them or It'd ruin the years they've spent lording it over the body of Christ, correcting the KJB, spouting heretical nonsense and putting heavy tulip picking burdens (1 Peter 5.2-3) on their congregations. Not to mention the time spent plotting such fool-proof plans like sending an idiot (sadly there wasnt just the one, they came in pairs - Gen 7.2) to pretend he was James** Bond (who was as slick and suave as a cow giving birth) and take pictures of me sitting in a Plymouth brethren church with his phone. (Where the 'ecumenical movement' I write about came from) Although I do look nice in a suit I suppose.

- Pssst! Don't worry ladies I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and so do your church members.

**Other adventures of these MI6 agents-in-training <-- make sure to click

can be found in my commentaries, buy some and see if you can see yourself! Hiiiii!

Back to the topic of this bearded blood soaked catholic terrorist and his links to the US democratic party...

American readers should have a listen:

and to my local subscribers please take heed:



"Joe Biden Compares the Historic Plight of Irish Catholics to Palestinians"

"Vatican Has ‘Very Positive Relationship’ with Biden Administration"


An Irish Government Handbook in 1932 (The papists slipped up here!)

The Minister for Industry and commerce of the Irish Free State (Saorstát Erieann) Commissioned an official Handbook in which Eion MacNeil wrote:

"While the Celts were still new comers to Ireland and Britain, the inhabitants of both countries were known to them by the name of the Pretani or Queteni From Queteni came their old name in Irish—Cruthin. The old Celtic name for Ireland was Everio, for Britain Albio. In Irish Everio became Eriu, and afterwards Eire. Albio became Albu, then Alba. The Greeks who knew of these Islands mainly through intercourse with the Gallic Celts, called Ireland Ierne, and Britain Albion; and they called both Islands the Pretanic Islands, the Islands of the Pritani.

Latin writers, following the example of Julius Caesar, changed the forms and application of

these names, Caesar substituted Brittani for Pretani, and gave it to the people of Britain, calling that Island Britannia instead of Albion. Ireland was renamed Hibernia, its people Hiberni. Later on before AD 300 a new name Scotti began to be used in Latin for the people of Ireland and a new name Picti for the people formally called the Pretani then inhabiting the Northern parts of Britain. The name Britannic Islands was substituted for the Pretanic, which properly signifies the Islands of the Picts.

Irish traditions amply confirm the evidence of the Greek writers that Ireland was once a country of the Pretani, Cruthin or Pict’s our own writers, in the seventh century and later show that in their time there were a numerous families, including many of high degree, in every quarter of Ireland but especially in Ulster and Connacht, who were recognised to be people of Pictish descent.

The problem who were the Pict’s? has long been under discussion. Ancient and firm tradition, in Britain as well as in Ireland, declared them to be a quite distinct people from the Gaels and the Britons; and some who have sought to solve the problem have ignored the

existence of a large Pictish element in Ireland. The view of the late Sir John Rhys appears most reasonable, that, whereas the Celts came from Mid-Europe and belong to the Indo European linguistic group, the Pict’s belong to the older peoples of Western Europe they were the chief people’s of Ireland in the Bronze age, and to them the Irish arts and crafts and monuments of that age may be ascribed.


Strange that, innit?

The Irish American Myth

If we listen to what some American people say about Ireland one would think that the USA was 95% Irish Catholic descent and the rest Italian. This absurdity has been perpetuated and promoted by Hollywood film makers for many years. The impression is given that the good old US of A was personally built by Paddy Murphy, brick by brick, and that prior to the arrival of the Irish in America in the mid 19th century America did not exist. Propaganda would have us believe that it was the Irish immigrants who founded that great nation - nothing could be further from the truth.

The Irish did not sail for the New World in any significant numbers until the famine of the mid 1800s hit Ireland with devastating effect. However anyone who knows a little of American history knows that the Pilgrim Fathers landed in 1620, 230 years before the Irish! So who were the founding fathers of this great nation America.?

They were English Puritans and Scottish Protestants who had left their own land because of religious persecution and went with the ideal of civil and religious freedom for all. so it was in the latter half of the 17th of the century the persecuted Ulster Protestants set sail for the New World in search of the religious freedom and civil liberties.

These are the people that America knows as the 'Scotch-Irish.' Only a short time before had they fought with heart and hand, sword and shield against the forces of James the II, but now once more they were being driven out of their land, the they had fought so hard for too defend. The Ulster men and their families having suffered so much persecution set sail.

The freedom, religious and civil liberties which the American people enjoy today was an ideal which the Ulster-Scots brought with them.

And which today is enshrined in the American constitution.

They arrived in droves, Philadelphia being a major port of entry, and by 1729 many thousands had arrived there. For the next 30 years or so they continued to arrive at a steady rate.

One historian wrote: "The Irish never went; they seem not only tied to the county but almost to the parish in which their ancestors lived, It wasn’t until the next century following the disastrous potato famine in Ireland that a mass exodus of Irish Roman Catholics took place.”

“They made their own contribution to American life in later years, but they were not there when the foundations were being laid."

What were these foundations ?

This was done by the Ulstermen. Both Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket were of Ulster stock. They fought the Indians on all fronts and pushed through to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, North Virginia, Kentucky and Georgia. This pioneering success is clearly seen in the many Ulster place names which exist in the USA today. There are 18 towns named Belfast, 7 Derrys, 9 Antrim’s, and 16 Tyrones.

They brought Christianity. These people brought with the religion of the Bible, true biblical Christianity, it was a hard life, but God was with them, they set forth with true Ulster grit and the God of Heaven before them. The impromptu church services on the frontier were not an altogether a new experience for these people for they had not to long before had to meet in such gatherings in the hills and glens of their native land were they would be hunted down like dogs for daring to worship God with freedom of conscience. The God of Heaven had preserved them then, he preserved them on their hazardous journey in the ships and now they continued to look to Him as they made their way into the new world.

They built the schools. Recognizing the need for education they built schoolhouses, they employed the best of teachers and ministers, often sending back to Ulster for other good men to come and labour with them in the New World. Building a great people who would become a great nation. They brought liberty: The Christian ideal of 'liberty and freedom for had stamped upon their memories, for it was something which they had sought for themselves for many years.

The Ulster- men were in the forefront of the American War of Independence. The Declaration of Independence of July 4 1776 was in the handwriting of an Ulsterman, Charles Thomson of Maghera. It was first printed by an Ulsterman and first publicly read by an Ulsterman. Many of the names attached to it were of Ulster stock. It is truly an Ulster-Scots document. Many of Washington's General's were Ulstermen, Knox, Wayne, Lewis, Morgan, Scott , Thompson, Clark, Baine and Irvine, all of whom distinguished themselves as soldiers.

Not only did Ulster supply the freedom fighters and finance the war, she also provided the necessary leadership for the fledgling new nation of the United States of America.

Roosevelt wrote: "It is doubtful that we have the part played by this stern and virile formed the kernel of that American stock who were pioneers of our people in their march westward".


One of the earliest collections of old Irish literature was the book Drunsnat which was written in the first half of the 8th century it contained some very early tales and an account of the history of Ireland

There are four main grounds of tales in early Irish history

1. ‘The mythological tales’ these are the tales of the ancient Irish gods.

2. ‘The Ulster Sagas’ these are the tales of the Ulster heroes and tell of the Red branch knights and Cuchulain ( Setanta) the greatest of Ulster’s warriors who defended Ulster single handed against the armies of Connacht and all Ireland.

3. The legends of the Kings.

4. The cycle of Finn and the tales of Finn Mac Cumal and his warrior band. Finn was originally a divine pagan hero. And they wrote poems and ballads about him Oisin, Diarmaid and the heroes of the Fianna.

But it is with the ‘Ulster Sagas’ and Setenta’s (Cuchulain) defense of Ulster that is of most interest to the Ulster people.

As Scotland is distinguished from the rest of the island of Britain so it has been with Ulster and the rest of the island of Ireland. Setanta was the great warrior of Ulster who later became known as Cuchulain the hound of Ulster after he had killed the great hound owned by Cullen with his bare hands.

Here are Some quotations from the Ulster cycles dealing with Cuchulain and his battle with the hosts of Ireland may give an insight as to how Ulster viewed itself in regard to the rest of


1. Slieve Cuillen and Slieve Fuad stand like warrior brothers to hold the ‘ Gap of the North’ that was the chief way from Ireland into Ulster.

2. Iam Fedelma – ‘ As to what I do – I weave the four provinces of Ireland together for the attack on Ulster’.

3. This is from Fergus MacRoy, to give me warning the hosts of Ireland will be in the Gap of the North within two days.

4. It was for him ( Cuchulain ) to hold the pass against the whole war hosts of Ireland.

5. The foreguard of the Irish hosts had not moved a bowshot from their last nights camp before their champion went down with Cuchulain’s spear though his heart.

6. Maeve’s army had all Ireland behind to feed but Cuchulain and Laeg had to hunt for themselves.

7. Laeg tended his wounds and looked out towards the hosts of Ireland that by now had all but reached the Ford.

8. With Follaman the King’s son for their captain, they marched out to meet the war hosts of Ireland, For the honour of Ulster and the aiding of the hound.

9. A great hoarse shout broke from Cuchulain’s strained and tortured heart and it came like a cry for aid to the men of Ulster.

10. ‘Up ! up! Cuchulain ! The hosts of Ireland will be upon us now that their last champion is dead.


To my local subscribers of this blog, (15% of the total readership at last count) I'm as patriotic an Ulsterman of the 'old-school' sort which are very few and far between, however please do take note prayerfully of what is mentioned in these articles.

Even unsaved, and especially since, I knew to stay away from that masonic stuff.

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Bible Believer TUBE
Bible Believer TUBE
21 lug 2022

Yet another edit I had to include when I found it in Peter Ruckmans commentary. And Ive always wanted to include that Johnny English scene somewhere when it came to pharisees 'missions' (Mark 12.13) as it always reminds me of that exact scene when The Lord lets me be aware of them.

Mi piace

Bible Believer TUBE
Bible Believer TUBE
15 lug 2022

Added Joe Bidens "Compares the Historic Plight of Irish Catholics to Palestinians" link (because of course he did, while in Jerusalem.) also notice, as NTEB reported, Exactly 666 Days Between The Signing Of The Abraham Accords To The Signing Of The Jerusalem Declaration


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