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Thoughts from the unsaved

Whenever there is a crisis or disaster or even a so-called ‘pandemic’ of some sorts, one of the popular sayings that you hear from people (atheists and other God-rejecters mostly) is “our thoughts are with the family”. Sometimes they’ll also add “our thoughts and prayers …”

Now someone please tell me, how can my thoughts (alone – I’m not talking about action from thoughts) do anything to help, comfort, or encourage anyone?

And if I’m an unsaved person, how can my prayers to whomever it is I happen to believe in (an idol basically) help anyone?

Folks, there’s only ONE God and He’s the God of the Bible. I know these people mean well, but simply saying that you are “thinking about” someone is completely worthless.

If you want to genuinely help someone then you need to get yourself sorted first.

Believe the gospel that the Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross for you; so that your sins could be forgiven, that He died, was buried, and then rose again on the third day. Believe this with all your heart; trusting Christ alone to get you into Heaven, and friend, as God has promised in His word, you will be saved!

Then, and ONLY then, will your prayers be able to encourage, help, and comfort people.

In Christian love, Barry

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