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Take an Hour...

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

And listen. Starts 3 min in.

How different would Laodicea be if this was heeded by the body of Christ.

Uploaded it here through his channel instead of mine, so his whole series can be easier found.

I write hard against mushy sermon-on-the-mount-Christians as they are disgusting blight on the body of Christ and I have SEEN FIRST HAND the physical and mental damage being a doormat (as taught by Laodicean preachers) can do. Thank you Lord for Matt's series.


From My Appendix book -


● Jesus - No adjusting of message (Matt 23.16-36)

● Jeremiah - Blatant (Jer 23.9-14)

● Micaiah - Brutal (1 Kings 22.13-28)

● Amos - Obnoxious (Amos 7.14-17)

● Peter - Fierce (Acts 5.3-9)

● Stephen - Outrageous (Acts 7.51-53)

● Elijah - Vicious (1 Kings 18.27)

● Paul - All attributes of the above plus flexibility. He accommodated himself to his audience, to better reach them with the gospel. (1 Cor 9.19-23 & 10.33)

Note that 'doormat' nor 'sheltered wee sissy' (1 Cor 6.9) Isn't on the list.

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Bible Believer TUBE
Bible Believer TUBE
Jan 07, 2022

The former 'bible belt' where Amos 8.11 brutally applies


Jan 01, 2022

Since the comments were off on your two fabulous videos on You Tube, I just wanted YOU to know that you certainly have NOT lost mine subscription to your channel. I have been convinced about this not solely on You Tube videos but I was pointed to the word of God where it can only be that this world is stationary and flat. Joshua certainly did show this when his words were recorded and they are God's words, when he commanded the SUN to stop, and the MOON the stay. God never speaks something that not true, and does not speak with a forked tongue, or both sides of the mouth. Thank you for uploading this! In Him who was, and who is…

Jan 06, 2022
Replying to

You're a Ballymena brother! So I am led to believe...

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