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By Sam Gipp

This may also serve to point out how a person who is "filled with the Spirit" has some things in common with one who is "filled with wine."

la. A drunk doesn't care what people think of him.

lb. A Spirit-filled Christian doesn't care about others mocking.

2a. A wine-filled man has boldness that he doesn't ordinarily possess when he is not "under the influence."

2b. A Spirit-filled man has boldness that he doesn't ordinarily have when he is not "under the influence."

3a. A wine-filled man's home life is directly affected by his being filled with wine.

3b. A Spirit-filled man's home life is directly affected by his being Spirit-filled.

4a. A wine-filled man associates with other wine-filled men.

4b. A Spirit-filled man associates with other Spirit-filled men.

5a. When a man is consistently filled with wine his neighbors know it.

5b. When a man is consistently filled with the Holy Spirit his neighbors know it.

6. Both frequent the place of their individual fillings

Is it then no coincidence that Paul would write, "And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit" (Eph. 5:18).


As its related to the above section, I thought I'd copy and paste a passage from my forthcoming book -

'Dodgy Man's Bible Believing Commentaries - The Minor Prophets (From Hosea To Malachi)'

Its expected release date is this year.

An excerpt of Micah 1.1-9 commentary.

Anyhow point of all this talk is to put in a bit of personal experience, with the aim to help those in the 'front lines of the ministry' (to quote John Davis, check him on my channel)

One of the main groups of people God sends my way regarding witnessing is drug addicts. Likely because of my past, I understand what it's like to be a character in 1 Sam 22.2, not to mention Psalm 22.24 & 25.16. However when people are under the influence you escape the frame, and other things then begin to get a foot-hold and fill up the space you've left, so to speak. It's a devilish counterfeit to John 3.30. So as time gets on, addictions ’spiral out of control’ and what's come into you starts controlling you, more and more. I know because I'm describing myself, seeing it back with my new eyes (Isa 42.18, Mark 8.25). Eastern meditation practices actually result in the same thing. Leave that yoga alone.

Ever think it strange when somebody drinks too much of a SPIRIT they do things ‘out of character?’ Well whose character is it? Jack Daniels? What's his character? Jim Beam? Why is his character always bad, destructive and evil? How come Mr Jameson doesn't make you volunteer for a charity and clean up the local park while under HIS influence? - and if he does make you do something like that - it's regretful when you sober up, as it's not what YOU wanted to do.

Regardless. When drug addicts are under the influence, around me I've heard them make the noises of the creatures mentioned in vs 8. At random a loud ‘wail’ will come out of them, especially when silent for ages. Think of a stereotypical scene from an old insane asylum. The other common noise is a low, drawn out, sad, sombre ‘twooooo’ in a groaning way.

I kid you not. Several times Ive heard that from those on drugs (downers mainly - sure people on uppers usually won't shut up - Prov 15.2!) What's the verse say? ‘mourning as the owls.’

Years ago when I was unsaved I remember being told by a heroin addict he regularly got very annoyed that the most beautiful woman he'd even seen was ruining his ‘highs’ as she blinded him with her light and 'stunning beauty' every time he tried to go through his ‘trip’ lying on his bed. Think about that when reading Prov 23.32-33, Zech 5.8-9 & 2 Cor 11.14. Ever wonder why inhaling heroin is called ‘chasing the dragon’ (Deut 32.33, Isa 27.1, Rev 12.9-17)?

More recently I had a girl get quite startled when she saw a picture of a ‘Minotaur’ in a mythology book I was reading. When questioned she said she ‘hadn't seen him in ages, but that 'guy with the cow's head' stared at her from the foot of her bed one night when she was at the tail end of an ecstasy binge trying to let it wear off. Who did you think she saw? Read Ezek 28.14, 1.10 & 10.14 in that order. In Rev 9.21 ‘sorceries’ is drug use.

The Spirit worlds not to be messed with, which is why God doesn't want people touching it (Lev 19.31 & 20.6, Deut 18.10-12, 2 Kings 21.6)

Keep in prayer, keep that armour on (Eph 6.11-13) and plead that blood as often as possible (1 John 1.7, Heb 10)

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