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Recommended Website: LBB

"The calling of Liberty Behind Bars is to reach those who feel alone and believe there is no God willing to save their soul by sharing the gospel with them; to show them there is a God, and He is faithful and just to forgive them. Our goal is to reach those behind bars locally and nationwide to show them there can be liberty from others, and more importantly liberty from themselves and sin"

What they do:

  • To visit/reach those who are captive in jails/prisons with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • To teach and preach God’s word in all manner of faith, repentance, salvation, and life

  • Provide KJV bibles, study, and reading materials for those behind bars and their family members

  • Conduct video visits across the U.S. for bible study, counseling, prayer, and fellowship

  • Email individuals behind bars throughout the U.S. using various platforms

  • Preach revivals in jails/prisons nationwide

  • In-home bible studies for released individuals and family

  • Help newly released individuals find a good bible believing church to attend

  • Devotional by mail to those behind/beyond bars

  • HELPs to churches who have loved ones who are incarcerated, have addictions, etc.

  • HELPs to churches who currently have a small jail ministry: provide support, bibles, materials, etc.

I recently posted Dales video from Cliff Parks church on my channel here

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