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Manifest News

^ Explanation starts 46 min in!

The purpose of Manifest News is to distinguish the difference between the various forms of truth or “light” that exist within the confines of our reality.

There are 3 primary sources of light:

Vertical light (infallible truth) that originates from the divine Spirit of God

- Psalm 118.27

Horizontal light (accurate, yet imperfect truth) that comes from the human spirit of man

- Eph 5.13

Inverted light (lies that masquerade as truth) that originate from the demonic spirit of Satan

- 2 Cor 11.14

Not all truth is equal, and not all light is the same: Divine truth is always superior to human truth, but this fact does not therefore make human truth untrue.

All truth should be prioritized in its proper place within its proper context, and once truth is distinguished and recognized, there is a responsibility to act upon it appropriately.

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