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How Did Christians Get Here?

From '20 Lies about the KJV'

Your credibility as a Christian is not just what you believe, but why you believe what you believe. The Bible says in 1 Peter 3:15, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” We not only should be able to state what we believe, but also be able to lay out why we believe it; otherwise, it probably is not worth believing.

In today’s world it is a minority that believes that the AV 1611 is the absolute authority and absolute perfect word of God. What is odd is that 100 years ago you were in the minority if you didn’t believe this.

It is equally important to understand how we arrived at this point. If we were to go back 100-120 years you would find that the whole realm of Christianity (minus the Catholics) knew that the AV 1611 was the absolute perfect word of God. The issue is, that now people attack this stand because a few of us still believe this fact. What these people are angry or confused about is the fact that they don’t know what you believe is exactly what Bible Christianity has

believed all down through history since the book of Acts. These people think that we have changed and are some kind of odd cult group because we now believe the AV 1611 is the word of God. The truth of the matter is that all through history there has always been a group of people who believed that the Bible is the Word of God. Partially, the reason for this, is that there was no other translation. If you were to go back into 1850 and you walked

into a Christian book store and asked the guy inside for a Bible, he would ask you “Which one do you want, I have two.” One would have been a King James 1611 AV and the other a Douay-Rheims, which was the official Bible of the Roman Catholic Church. For 300 years (until about 1950) this was the way that it was. Today you walk into a book store, and you get bombarded with about 400 translations.

It is more important for you not to necessarily know all the different versions of the Bible, but what you need to know is how all 400+ all got here. How in the world did we get from 1881 where there were only two Bibles on the face of the planet, to 2008 where you can have your pick of over 400! This is the issue! It does me (or you) no good to tell you all these things about the Bible and why it is the word of God, if you don’t understand the why and how. How it got from what is was in 1881 to 2008. How did this happen in such a short period of time?

Now, I want to take you back to about 1900. This is a very pivotal time in Bible history. We all know biblically (through our other Bible studies) that this is officially the end of the Philadelphian Church Age. This was the greatest period of church history (See Revelations 3:7-13), which ran from roughly 1600-1900. During this period of time basically the AV 1611 went around the world 5-6 times (greatest missionary, preaching, evangelism, etc.), and according to studies around three quarters of the world was under a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. In 1900 that door began to close, and we ushered in what we know (from other Bible studies) as the Laodicean Church Age. We also know that this period is the worst period of church history (See Revelations 3:14-22). Where the Philadelphian Church

was called the “Church of the open door,” the Laodicean Church was called the “Church of the closed door.” It is in this Time Period where you find the door is literally shut on the Bible and all that goes with it. We are going to now study some things that came about from 1900 AD to where we are at today:

1. Replacing the source of Doctrine!

Up to about 1880 the only two Bibles were the King James AV 1611and the Catholic Douay-Rheims. That all changed in about 1881. In 1881 the first revision of the N.T. comes out in the form of the Revised Version or RV. This revision came about by the works of two men called Westcott and Hort. These men worked on this new revision for about 30 years. Then in 1901 another revision was published called the American Standard Version or ASV, and since then it has been a series of more and more revisions. During this time the entire world began to dump the KJV AV 1611 and move toward these new translations. Why is this?

2. Replacing Doctrine with Feelings!

The beginning of the Charismatic movement was around 1900, but really had its roots about 20-30 years before that over in England. It officially started in Topeka, Kansas, with Aimee Semple McPherson (1890 - 1944) then a little later in Los Angeles. The Charismatic movement brings with it the beginning of the downfall because this movement basically shifts the focus off of what the Bible teaches (doctrine), and places the emphasis on your feelings. We began to see Bible doctrine, going out the door, and your feelings, replacing it. It no longer mattered what the Bible said; only what your experience was and how you felt about it. This movement then worked it’s way though Bible Christianity and fragmented off into several other movements like the Assembly of God, Church of God, Pentecostal, and

many others. The outcome is the same for all…They reject the Bible as the final authority, there is no doctrine involved in it. It’s simply based on your feelings. You now become your own final authority, instead of God or his word.

3. Removing the Doctrine out of the hand of the Common Man!

The third thing that happened around 1900 was the Neo-Evangelical movement. Here lies the real heart of the problem. “Neo” means new, and “Neo-Evangelicalism” simply means, new evangelism. Neo-Evangelicalism in the early 1900’s was simply a way to bring back Bible Christianity to an accredited way of thinking. It really was a counter to the Philadelphian

Church Age which took the Bible out of scholars and put it into the hands of the common man. There is nothing more powerful in this world than a common man with a common Bible. They called this movement a “reconstruction of theology.” This was basically a way of taking the Bible out of the hands of a common man, and putting it back into the accredited

schools. Next, you had to attend the accredited schools to get the accreditation of being some kind of expert with the Bible. This is where we found the birth of Bible “Scholasticism” where scholars now take the place of the common man. Any of you that have been involved in pulpit committees over the years, you know as well as I do that they care nothing

about what the pastor knows about the Bible; they only want to know what his credentials are, and where he went to school. It is no longer about how many souls you have won to Christ, or what you know about the Bible, or how God was using you. It was only about your credentials because now through the Neo-Evangelical movement, they took the common Bible from the common man and put it back into the seminaries and Bible colleges. Now, if you want to be accepted into Bible Christianity you had to go through an accredited system and an accredited school, and they would place a stamp of approval on you to be worthy to be a pastor. This all took place because of something that took place in the “Counter-reformation” which we have talked about before, the Oxford movement. The Oxford movement started after the reformation period, and up to today. This movement was

simply the Roman Catholic Church putting an end to the reformation, and what God was doing through it, and literally getting the Bible back into scholastic hands, and out of the hands of the common man. What you have is Jesuit priests who go to Protestant seminaries (not only in England but also in America) and graduate from these Protestant seminaries then go into these Protestant churches to destroy their work. The Jesuits in the Roman Catholic Church are much like the CIA in the United States government. They are the covert operatives of the Roman Catholic Church. These priests infiltrated every Protestant seminary and the schools in Europe, and really squelched the reformation in Europe, and in time try to do the same in America without the same results.

4. Removing the Doctrine from Christianity!

Another term that comes along during this same time (early 1900’s) is “Neo- Orthodoxy.” This means a New (Neo) Standard of Teaching (Orthodoxy). This would be related to churches such as the Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church, Lutheran Church, The Anglican Church (The Church of England). Neo-Orthodoxy takes doctrine completely out of everything. Where Neo-Evangelicalism takes doctrine out as far as from the hand of the

common man, Neo-Orthodoxy takes all doctrine out. No heaven, no hell, no God (in the sense of the Bible), no judgment, no sin, etc. It is a complete erasing of everything right or wrong, and places everything on a level that has no penalty to it. If you were to go sit in a Unity service, you would hear that God is love, and there is no judgment, no hell, and no sinners. Neo- Orthodoxy is a new standard of teaching, which is…Your o.k., and I’m o.k.

They look at the devil as relevant to an influence, not a person. Everything is placed on a spiritual plain, and nobody takes a personal accountability.

This is why in these churches you will find women pastors, even though the

Bible clearly says they are not to be so. They also accept homosexuality,

lesbianism…they have no problem allowing their pastors being homosexuals

because it doesn’t matter what the Bible says; this is a NEW


All this is done with the goal in mind of getting away from BIBLE DOCTRINE. Because once you get away from doctrine, then it is only a matter of a few short years that you will get rid of the Bible. So now you will find as you go through these 20 lies, you will find that they ALL start with a college professor. He speaks and teaches it through the seminary to the students…these students become pastors…and it spreads to the churches. What becomes of it is, higher education becomes the final authority, and the Neo-Orthodoxy and Neo-Evangelism becomes the absolute truth. Of course, this was the problem way back in Genesis when the Devil said that he would be like the most high God back in the garden of Eden. (Isaiah 14:14, “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.”)

The final problem with Neo-Evangelicalism, Neo-Orthodoxy, and the Charismatic movement is they want to take the final authority of the word of God out of your hands, and make scholarship through an accredited institution the final authority in your life. Then you will look to the scholars to teach you the Bible rather than the Holy Spirit of God.

The theme in these systems is very simple…salvation is the most important doctrine. Getting people saved becomes the number one issue, and the doctrines that they become messed up in, become secondary and third issues. The doctrines that separate us from the world no longer are considered important, and it becomes a case of situation ethics where “The ends justifies the means.” These Neo-Evangelical churches are the “Christian Church” the “Community Church” the “Bible Churches” or “Outreach Centers” “Grace Church” “Harvest Church.” These churches have no demonical name to them, and have taken out any denomination so they are not locked into any particular belief or denomination. These people want to reach the masses, and to do this they have to get rid of doctrine because they firmly believe through the Neo-Evangelical movement that the number one issue is

winning people to Christ.

This is what Billy Graham fell for in the 60’s and 70’s. If you would have heard him in the 50’s you would have heard one hell-fire and damnation Baptist preacher that would tear the paint off the walls. He started out as a Baptist, but somewhere in the process somebody got him to believe that if you wanted to reach more people he would have to

cut ties with the doctrine you believe because you are limiting yourself in who you are reaching. If you get rid of your denominational ties then God will use you in a greater way and you will have a greater ministry, because the number one issue is man needs to be saved (and this is true, man does need to be saved but this is not the number one issue in life and certainly not the number one issue with God). These men believe now that the heartbeat of God is the souls of men, and that sounds good and makes good preaching,

the problem is that it just not true. The heartbeat of God is TRUTH!!!!! If you have no truth to start with, it doesn’t matter how many people you want to get saved if God doesn’t give them the truth. If He doesn’t start with the truth he is no different than any other god.

So when you go to a Billy Graham meeting, and want to be a worker, they will have a class on how to deal with people who have doctrinal issues. If you come across a person who thinks he can loose his salvation; that is not an issue that you get into. If they get messed up on tongues or something else, that is not an issue you would get into. You basically deal with their soul, and leave the TRUTH out of it.

It has even gone farther than that…in the 1990’s with Billy Graham leading

the way; all the New Evangelical churches along with the Roman Catholic churches got together and passed what is called the “Catholic-Evangelical Accord.” (also called, "Evangelicals and Catholics Together" - ECT Accord) It was an agreement that the Catholic and New Evangelical churches would agree on a way to evangelize in the third millennium (what we are living in now). Now in 2007, you here in Old Paths Baptist Church are clearly in the minority, where just 120 years ago you were in the majority. The problem is that if you place doctrine in the equation these churches could never work together because all these churches believe that you get to heaven a different way than the other. No wonder these churches want to get rid of the King James AV 1611.

Have you ever read the Dedicatory in the front of your AV 1611? You are told that the authors of the AV 1611 wrote that Bible against two groups of people:

1. The Roman Catholic Church (called “Popish Persons,” 5th paragraph)

2. The Presbyterian or Calvinists (called “Self Conceited Brethren,” 5th paragraph)

You will find by reading the Dedicatory that this Bible is a very biased, sectarian Bible. In the preface the writers told you that the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope are the anti-Christ. This is the only Bible in the world that teaches (in the preface) the doctrine of Revelation 17/18 that Rome and the Pope are connected to the anti-Christ…YOU BET THEY WANT TO GET RID OF MY BIBLE!!! This is the only Bible in the world that was written, warning you about two church groups that were teaching BAD DOCTRINE! These authors knew where their Bible came from, and who paid the price for us to have it.

One more piece that I want you to see before we start is found in Matthew 7, and this is why (under the guidance of Satan) the Neo-Evangelical movement (the movement to get Christianity accredited and take it out of your hands) can’t deal with the fact that the greatest asset you have in learning the word of God is not your IQ, but your attitude of heart. In fact when it comes to the Bible the dumber you are and the better chance you

have to learn it. Matthew 7:28 says, “And it came to pass, when Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine: for he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.”

You will find that the number one issue the scribes and Pharisees have with Jesus Christ was his doctrine. Let me show you how the Bible defines doctrine in your life,

V29, You see the scribes did not have the AUTHORITY of the word

of God. Now we know when we begin to talk about the authority of

the word of God, we are talking about the doctrine of the word of

God. When you lose doctrine, you lose the authority of the word of


When you get into the Neo-Orthodoxy movement, where doctrine doesn’t matter any more, and they have placed doctrine into the hands of scholarship, then authority has passed from the common man, who had the doctrine of the Bible, and was not relegated to an educational system, and SCHOLARSHIP now becomes your final authority. This is why our church will always be a minority and unpopular, because we believe as a N.T. born- again, child of God, that the Bible is the absolute, inerrant, perfect, final authority in your life. You don’t have to go to some school to get what you need from God.

The issue now is very clear, to get the Bible out of your hands, and making you go through a system of education that basically takes the Bible from you and replaces it with a system of terms and theology that has nothing to do with the Bible. When the Devil takes your doctrine (teachings) from you, it will only be a matter of time before he takes your Bible from you. Then once he takes your Bible…YOU’RE DONE!

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