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Dodgy Themes

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

The over-arching themes found in the Dodgy Man's Bible Believing Commentaries

Gospels - A scathing rebuke to my local Pharisees and the fruits of Laodicea my country can sadly produce.

Pastoral epistles - A timely reminder on the importance of being a man in order to be a good Christian soldier.

Minor prophets - The state, deception and demon possessed Christians.

Judges - How bad humanism within the body of Christ gets and its resulting behaviours before the rapture.

Wisdom books - All of the above but especially the theme of comparing its wisdom (Eph 1.17) to the supposed wisdom the world offers (Ecc 12.12), especially regarding philosophy. Mainly what I know from years of studying Fascist philosophy, Libertarian philosophy, Stoicism, Dark enlightenment, Heidegger, Marxism, Pragmatism and Existentialism. I think I just heard Colossians 2:8! Colossians 2:8! Colossians 2:8! being screeched antifa-style from my local christian 'friends' as the wind blew by there...

Summed up in a note of my next upcoming book which inspired this blog post:

Prov 20.19 - Ezek 22.9 is the context, not the rebukes I give to my local pharisees and laodiceans. They think that as they're so far removed from the actual bible they dont realize 2 Tim 4.2 exists. You see I never mention names as their guilty consciences drive them wild with the logic ‘Is it me? Is it me? I didn't act like that didn't I?’ yet if you didn't you wouldn't think like that! It's been quite the disheartening situation to see those be very very guilty and sheepish around me who gossiped over my Gospels commentary, (see disclaimer) when I hadn't even had them IN MIND regarding rebukes. Terrible. I do my ‘stings’ in a ‘spray and pray’ method like a ghetto gang-banger shooting into a crowd. What's even worse is some of them ‘hit’ my own camp and they kick out against the conviction of it, sometimes with envy or especially ‘Bildadding’ (Job 8.1, 18.1 & 25.1) when they get the opportunity. (1 Peter 4.17 & see notes on Job 7.14-21, Prov 13.7) If I had to sum up my work for the Lord with 3 statements for the 3 crowds I deal with its this:

To the lost - A wild man of a witness (Psalm 119.139, Jer 23.9-10, Matt 3.3-5)

To my own camp - ‘Damage control.’ Sadly it's to do with my channel, if they appear on it, then they see something I've wrote in book or blog that they think my be bad to be associated with for whatever reason, they then go into what I call ‘Crime scene cleanup mode’. On that note I may do a post entitled 'A reactionaries reactions to reactions' or such. Clearing up some things that have offended my own camp. As a matter of fact a good tagline for these books would maybe be

'Dodgy Mans Bible Believing Commentary Series ~ Includes something to offend everyone!'

To the Laodiceans - A fellow soldier (2 Tim 2.3-4) giving a review of a battalion in a very sorry state (Smedley Butler style) and taking notes for others to check themselves with. Also (as I've received emails from) European and African bible believers are very scattered and isolated, with most of their trouble (John 16.33, Rom 5.3) coming from born again Christians who hate the KJB. Americans with actual rightly dividing bible believing baptist churches nearby DO NOT REALIZE how utterly spoiled they are. As a preacher who's regularly featured on my channel said to me recently 'use that chip on your shoulder for His glory!' and Yes Lord willing, I certainly shall.

Old world, Old problems and so forth.

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meh. :/

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Bible Believer TUBE
Bible Believer TUBE
Jun 13, 2022

EDIT - fixed spelling mistakes. I have a very unique super power, whereby I cannot see spelling or linguistic mistakes in an article until after its published. No matter how many times its re-read before I post it. (Same goes for the books too actually haha!)

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