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Been a bit quiet recently due to the work involved in #2 of this list which is about 2/3rds complete. (And the negative confirmations form 'locals' that ive been getting as a result show its necessity, sadly!)

#1 can also be found here.

But until then I've a couple of wee posts sitting around ill fill in the time with, such as this one. The demon possessed Pentecostals don't get it enough on this blog, despite the damage they do to the body of Christ being just as bad as the legalistic crowd. (Such as those I know personally with shaved heads, purple hair and their loud hip-hop collection - and don't get me started on their men!!)

The spirit that runs that crowd is found in Rev 2.20, 1 Kings 21.7 and 2 Kings 9.22. I have notes yet to placed in my books about a certain breed of person, of a certain age, of a certain gender, who watch the same things, think identical about the same things, use the same things, and react the exact same way to certain trigger words. (Its a full on principality mentioned in Eph 6) Although some of those notes may have been placed in the commentary of some 'strange woman' verses in Proverbs, cant remember.


A trumpet has a bright tone that 'sounds like the word buuuuup', apparently.

1 Corinthians 14:8 For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?

From Peter Ruckman's commentary on Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther

When the Pentecostal “trumpet” for the “latter rain” sounded the Body of Christ prepared itself to:

1. Sing and dance; twirl and swirl.

2. Pass out, bark, and howl like animals.

3. Do the “bumps and the grinds” to African sex music.

4. Erect million-dollar, non-denominational playhouses.

5. Collect millions of dollars from carnal, backslidden Christians who want their ears “tickled” (2 Tim. 4:3).

6. Blubber and blabber in a make-believe language.

7. Pretend they were “spiritual” by raising their hands and repeating endless “mantras” to get into a “passive state.”

8. Throw out every verse in the New Testament that deals with “sound doctrine” as found in the Pauline epistles.

9. Go along with any and every religious group that defined “Christianity” as “love, care, share, impact, relate,” and “built bridges” instead of “erecting fences.”

Also see the aptly-titled habbabbabaulushabbadabbadongarorroorrooroooo

and its related video -

What does extreme pastoral authority in a Pentecostal church look like?

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