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A term that's stayed with me from my unsaved hardcore techno days.

I know when a sermon is really great when it leaves me with the reaction - 'Man, what an absolute banger.'

Now lets go to our Global slavery device, sorry I mean search engine and see what a banger actually is...

Read more about the spirits attached to music in my new book - On that note In my time I've dealt with 3 women who thought that listening to Hillsong or Casting crowns and getting tingles alongside their resulting euphoric emotional feelings proved they 'knew God was with them' and thus were saved and on their way to heaven. No ladies, the God that effected your flesh was the guy in charge of music (Ezek 28.13, Ex 32.6, Isa 13.21) long, long before Adam whistled a tune in Eden. And he's deceiving you based on looking for signs and other such modern feelings-first-facts-later nonsense (1 Cor 1.22, Rev 2.20) Emotional reactions are a result of key changes, which DJ's, musicians, composers and producers can manipulate (euphoric trance, emo punk, anyone?) think of a 'sad scene' in a movie and it will have the right music going on that AMPLIFIES THE CERTAIN EMOTION THAT'S INTENDED. That's why the music pushed by the radios and music TV channels are so dangerous as it literally effects your soul (lev 5.2, Num 19.22, Job 38.7)

Even Mainstream science knows this.

I mean seriously after reading these verses you think 'casting crowns' gets the same reaction as 'soldiers of the cross'? one gets the flesh, the other hits the spirit.

Rom 7.5 & 18, 8.8, Gal 3.3 & 5.17, 1 Peter 2.11, Eph 5.19, Col 3.16

Nevertheless I thought I'd compile my 'bangers'!

My 2 absolute favorites first

They get me fired up, refreshed and are relatable to me personally.

Next up and in no particular order:


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