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X-mass presents

Yes, yes - I know! I know!

However thought it'd be a chance to advertise whats in my stocking list, especially through Amazon, who thankfully ship their own stuff, as the UK postal service is currently being held hostage by communists who don't give a hoot about the free market premise as found in Prov 17.26* as they aim for this wicked stupidity again.**

Amazon don't flaff around which such things (nor should any government, for that matter) likely due to their CIA / operation mockingbird roots as proven here.

Anyhow here is a bible believers reading list for books I personally cant wait to get stuck into, which can land the next working day.

(No this isn't sponsored, nor intended as an advert for fascism lol!)

That order covers a lot of subjects.

Oh and to get me through that amount of reading :)


* I say this particularly as I found in my time spent dealing with them that some leaders of my local trade unions declare themselves 'Christians.' Naturally.

** As Ecc 1.9 famously shows, history is cyclical, and if you want to see where were heading grab this book, its scary how blatantly mirror-like we are 100 years on. (which is why history isn't taught as it should be!)

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