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Why Wont The Average Preacher Talk On These Subjects?

The new section on the channel

Is mainly for the people who may have subscribed to the channel after getting a post in their letterbox from my envelope ministry (for those who don't know what that is, here is a brilliant example from a fellow Bible Believer)

In the tract pack that lands this leaflet is always included

Have yet to get an email about the deliberate mistake! Can you see the verse that doesnt exist?

As the main thing was to get people intrigued to whats actually IN the Bible so as to check the channel for sermons and start reading it.

Being either of these 3 types of people...

  1. The Bible believer - may be more edified and learned, bringing him even closer to God.

  2. The non bible believing christian - can finally see the riches and depths of Gods only true word.

  3. The unsaved person - gets pricked, convicted and cries out to God for salvation when realizing HOW MUCH IS INSIDE THE KJV AND HOW CURRENT THAT BOOK IS.

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