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What is a Bible Believer?

From Dr Gene Kim's Page

The term, Bible Believer is easy to define. One who believes that the copies of the Old Testament and New Testament, which he holds in his hands, and reads in his own language, are the words of God, entirely correct, and without any need of improvement, is a "Bible Believer." His job is not to correct the Bible; the Bible's job is to correct him.

By contrast, one who holds that only the "original manuscripts" are the inspired words of God is not a Bible believer; the "originals" have never been found, and therefore cannot be consulted.

One who holds that the original manuscripts were the inspired words of God, but that no such claim can be made for a translation, is also not a Bible believer. When the Greek New Testament writers quoted from the Hebrew Old Testament (about 200 times), didn't they have to translate? And if the entire Old Testament had been translated into Greek two centuries before the time of Christ (LXX, Septuagint), by this definition, the entire Bible read by Christ and his disciples was not inspired either.

One who claims that all versions of the Bible contain the "essential" doctrines of Christ, and favoring one over another is simply a matter of opinion, is not a Bible believer either; he thinks his own judgment and reasoning skills are the final authority in spiritual matters.

One who claims that one specific version is the word of God, with just a few errors in it that need correction, is not a Bible believer; the presence of even one mistake would constitute an imperfect Bible. If there is one error, perhaps there are many. It would no longer be possible to define the term Bible Believer as given above.

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