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Holy Spirit Lobotomy

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

"This is a well known Alexandrian gimmick."

"You see, the problem is real. God intended the Christians of A.D. 400 to build on the truths that their predecessors had learned from the Scriptures (2 Tim. 2:2)."

The context is after much correcting of the scholars who 'correct the book' and as such couldn't get any sound doctrine out of the Psalms, especially Charles Haddon Spurgeon and Woodrow Kroll. Its rough stuff, I tell ye! (Emphasis mine)


Don’t count on that kind of pious drivel to fool those of us who believe the Book. That is nothing but hypocritical claptrap. That is “stocking filler” at Christmas time to cover up the fact that you couldn’t buy any presents; in short, it is a sack of peanuts, with the emphasis on the “nuts.”

You see, the problem is real. God intended the Christians of A.D. 400 to build on the truths that their predecessors had learned from the Scriptures (2 Tim. 2:2). He intended for the Christians of A.D. 1000 not only to keep and treasure the truths that their forbearers had delivered to them, but to search the Scriptures (that is a commandment, not a suggestion) and study the Scriptures (that is a commandment found in one English version and only one English version) for more truth. The converts of Martin Luther were to believe the Scriptural truths that God had revealed to Martin, and likewise Calvin’s converts; but at no time was any Christian to quit studying and searching the Scriptures for more truth.

Whoever it was that caused the Body of Christ to doubt the Scriptures, low rate the Scriptures, ignore the Scriptures, or abandon the Scriptures was operating under the power and authority of Satan (Gen. 3:1).

Advanced revelations have been given from the Scriptures, by the Author, ever since they were written. This means that “historic positions,” from time to time, must be brought into line with Scripture as revelation advances. The “establishment” (professors, educators, and teachers in the Scholar’s Union) will not do this. They want to maintain a Nicolaitan control over the Body of Christ. Each Alexandrian will stop at a certain point and then demand that you stop with him or be labeled as a “heretic.” His intellectual egotism demands that you remain as stupid as he is. It is a sin for you to get ahead of him or find out anything that he doesn’t know, for in his apostate and depraved imagination, he fancies that no one could know more than he knows because he has been educated. This is the key to understanding apostasy in any age.

Kroll, and all his kind, are stupid for two reasons:

1. They have rejected the Holy Bible as their final authority and have replaced it with the opinions and conjectures of scholars.

2. They had a lobotomy performed on them by the Holy Spirit the first day they messed with His Book. This is what makes them stupid. It is not a lack of formal education or of a knowledge “of the original languages.” The problem is much deeper.

...Such exposition requires no study, no searching the Scripture, no meditating, or

“labour in the word” (1 Tim. 5:17). This is not to say that such expositions are useless or unimportant, but in view of the fact that both Testaments stated them a dozen times, what is the point in obliterating other truths by repeating these known truths over again? Isn’t that spiritual FRAUD? If you collated all of Spurgeon’s sermons and his Treasury, you would find that all he did was repeat about thirty basic New Testament truths over and over again, because he couldn’t find any further truth. It was not simply that he thought the thirty were so fundamental they needed to be repeated constantly (at the expense of other truths), nor that nothing else in the entire Book was worthy of being preached. It was simply that, having taken a postmillennial, allegorizing view of the Old Testament (as Origen, Augustine, Jerome, Hort and the popes), more than three-fourths of the Bible was a closed Book to him, so he filled in the blanks from his vast store of oft repeated “fundamentals,” which had absolutely nothing to do with the Scripture he was expounding. This is a well known Alexandrian gimmick.



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Bible Believer TUBE
Bible Believer TUBE
Dec 27, 2021


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