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Christians, Don't Be Babies Or Dogs

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

By James L Melton

Are You A Spiritual Baby?

1 Cor 3.1, Heb 5.13, 1 Peter 2.2

1. Do you often fight with other Christians? 2. Are you somewhat shallow in your knowledge of the Scriptures? 3. Do you enjoy being the center of attention? 4. Are you easily offended? 5. Are you spiritually dependent on others? 6. Do you clam up and sulk when things aren't going your way? 7. Do you have a habit of complaining about things? 8. Do you tend to be self-centered? 9. Do you have lots of trouble staying out of sin? 10. Do you become jealous over the success of others?

Canine Christians

Isa 56.10-11, Phillip 3.2, Rev 22.15

Although God's people are likened unto sheep in the Scriptures, they often act more like dogs:

1. The hound dogs - Always have their nose where it doesn't belong 2. The stray dogs - No master - no authority - just runs with the pack 3. The bad dogs - Enjoy biting, hurting, and scaring people 4. The show dogs - They just LOOK pretty 5. The noisy dogs - Only good for making noise 6. The "sooner" Mixed breed - "sooner" one thing as another

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