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Bible Study

Originally published in 2010 by Pastor Tim Stevens of Lighthouse Baptist Sioux City, IA

The purpose of your bible study will effect the outcome.

Why is it that some Christians get much out of the bible, and some very little? Why is it that some Christians are faithful to bible study, and some are not? I believe it has to do with motive, or purpose. When you come to the scriptures daily "Because you had better daily read and study" what is your purpose. Do you ever ask yourself "why am I about to read my bible, or what is my motive for reading?" After many years of bible reading and study I have come to this realization. The reason most get very little out of the bible is because they simply do not love the Lord Jesus Christ or his word.

This can be simply illustrated by thinking back to that first love letter you received. Did you read it? How many times? Did it have an effect upon your heart and mind? Did it move you? Do you still remember that letter today? As you read the letter tears ran down your cheeks, your heart skipped a beat, and the only thing on your mind was him or her. You thought that was true love. Where is that special someone today? Yet Jesus died for you, saved you, and he will never leave you. He wrote you a love letter, does it move you, does it bring you to tears, does it consume your heart and mind? Do you remember what you read?

Do you really love Jesus and his word?

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