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Bible Believer Odysee

Have a gander!

Another new platform to rival YouTube.

Ive been looking for alternatives for the reasons previously stated.

Ive seen Rumble and Brighteon doing the rounds with content creators as well as Mike Elliots' Anchor of the Soul church going directly on podcast sites (here, here and here for example) instead of YT.

Anyhow I took the journey over and recommend all preachers to have other platforms on backup, especially as mass tech censorship ramps up.

Like David Hoffman appearing on bitchute recently

The difference with Odyssey compared to Bitchute is that in 10 minutes it took all my videos over from YT and set itself up as a full fledged channel. Video quality is high, whereas bitchute is at time glitchy and keeps video quality at 360 / 480 mark.

Have to say it looks mighty well, nice smooth and slick interface!

Theres a 'wallet' for you to earn digital points, as with these points you customize more of the channel, tags etc.

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Bible Believer TUBE
Bible Believer TUBE
Nov 07, 2020

Aye its a lot slicker and less glitchy than bitchute EDIT - just realised i'd stated both those points on the blog post already haha


King James Bible Believer
King James Bible Believer
Oct 30, 2020

That’s great. I’ll definitely check it out.

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