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Updated: Apr 1, 2021


Dr David Peacock - An Unpopular Topic (SERMON EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR!!!)

Published on BBT on Mar 4, 2019

Was a sermon at Bible Believers Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, streamed on Sunday 3rd March 2019. It was the second video I'd ever published, but the first I'd downloaded and edited.

As of the 1st April 2021, it has 4,333 views, 149 likes, and has been watched for 1552 hours.

A summary of the sermon:

  • It starts with an fictional letter from Satan to an unsaved person, rightly described as a 'fool' (Psalm 14.1)

  • Modern churches are scared of upsetting people by telling them about hell, yet everybody's heading there by default, as you're born in sin, (John 8.24) in the image of Adam (Gen 5.3)

  • Sermons on hell are unpopular as they 'upset feelings' yet this is by far the most popular sermon on my channel!

  • Its a lack of courage that is the main problem regarding telling others as folk are scared of their fellow mans opinion of themselves (Prov 29.25)

  • Jesus is THE ONLY WAY out of that destination, (Rom 5.8) how not to miss that boat

  • Luke 16 IS NOT a parable. It is the creator of hell and paradise describing it.

  • Those that cry so often 'don't judge me' or 'who are you to judge?' or 'you think you're always right' say so because they know, at the judgement, they'll be guilty before God (Rom 2.2, Heb 9.7)

  • Folks that are adverse to sermons on hell are likely aware they're heading there themselves and that those WHO ARE saved should allow themselves to be sanctified by reading the AV daily and living for Gods sudden return (1 Cor 15.52). So their family has the assurance (at the very least) to know where you are when you die (2 Cor 5.8) even if they aren't saved, your fruits that salvation resulted in will be known to them (Matt 12.33)

and while we are on the topic of hell...

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