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Her Maj (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 4

Jude 1.16c
...having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage.

Proverbs 24.23b
...It is not good to have respect of persons in judgment.

See Part 1 here

Here's the gist. When a boss of a company derelicts his duty and gets fired, do you still appreciate and obey that boss? Well she serves the public, the boss. Read the whole post to see a review of her job performance.

Read the tract he's reading here and buy it here


"London Bridge Is Down"

^ Click

Watch -

^ Hugo's on the ball as ever.

With her death, her eldest son Charles, the former Prince of Wales, will lead the country in mourning as the new King and head of state for 14 Commonwealth realms.

He starts his reign (not his title) on 9/11 (His proclamation to the throne isn't finished until Australia and New Zealand declare it on that day)

Prince Philip died 9/4/2021 aged 99 = 666 days ago.

Queen dies 9/9/2022 (GMT+06:00) aged 96 = 9 and 9 inverted is 6 and 6. Then 2022 adds to 6.

with 116 days left of the year, flip it and it becomes 911 or 9/11

Her funeral will be on 19/9 at 11 am.

The Satanic elites (Eph 6.12, Matt 4.9) are obsessed with numbers and use them to communicate. Ever notice that that 9 and 11 in Roman numerals are


- making the star of Moloch (as seen in Israels current flag - Amos 5.26), a masonic compass and the signet of Saturn between 2 pillars? (Judges 16:29, Exodus 12:23, Mark 15:27)

And in case you still need convincing...

proof - check his other occultic posts - *EDIT never mind you cant anymore. Mighty convenient I must say.


I'm sure this will give the Christian idolaters that responded to the 'her maj (part 1)' post another fit. I mean, surely no idol can be seen in a negative light, no matter what biblical truth shines (Eph 5.13, John 3.20) otherwise? (as found in that post)

As they're the same crowd as found in Acts 19.34, only difference being that they tend to be born again, their responses (of the 3 local churches that read part 1) could all be summed up as:

Eph 5.11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.




Which is an stunning example of Psalm 49:13 in action (not to mention Ezek 23.7b)

Another thing I noted on that post was the reaction of a reformed publication that said along the lines of "proof that God's favor was upon her because she had the longest ever reign" and Ive now seen it banded over mainstream Christian circles over the weekend online, and this strikes me as very odd, as I'm bewildered at how thats a decent measuring stick. Have they not read (Mark 12.10a) that the 2 longest royal reigns in the bible belonged to evil kings?

Jeroboam - The Longest Reigning King Of Israel

(2 Kings 14.23)

King Manasseh – The Longest Reigning King In Judah

(2 Kings 21.1)

Not to mention Job describing the long lives and prosperity of the wicked in Job 21.7+13... :/


All hail my new king Charles!

Lets have a look at his coat of arms then...

Nothing to see here...

Prince Charles (now king) was quoted as saying: I learned the way a monkey learns - by watching its parents." His dad (Prince Philip) once famously said: "If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels."

^ Theres the 'defender of faith' speaking about the Antichrist!

Oh. Well. Ok. Not all dark and gloomy, is it?

"Prince Charles to launch 'Great Reset' project to rebuild planet in wake of coronavirus

The Prince of Wales hopes to convince world leaders to capitalise on 'unique but narrow window' to put 'planet and people first'"

"Pandemic is chance to reset global economy, says Prince Charles"

"#TheGreatReset initiative is designed to ensure businesses and communities '6uild 6ack 6etter'"

"Prince Charles who called for ‘trillions’ of dollars to be given to Antichrist, now preparing to become king of England."

Ah never mind.

Wee 2023 update on 'Oul' Charlie'-

"In the UK today, it seems, being knighted means you’re someone the UK state wishes to protect from prosecution for crimes against the British people. We don’t need to point to Sir Tony Blair, Klaus Schwab KBE, or even to Sir Jimmy Saville to corroborate this theory.

Last week, Pascal Soriot, the French-born Australian and Chief Executive Officer of the British-Swiss pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca plc., whose ‘vaccine’ for COVID-19 has produced reports of 875,000 adverse drug reactions in the UK public, including 1,334 deaths, was knighted ‘for services to UK sciences and leadership in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic’." ^ as ever, click the red.


If I'm biased somewhat, then who better than a posh-sounding, pro-monarchy English gentleman to let you know whats happening?

"People suggest Charles should step aside for William, but he has become equally woke as his father, to the extent it seems his son has psychiatric problems. We do not want ‘a defender of faiths’, we want a defender of our faith. We want confidence in the future, optimism, in short old fashioned leadership. It is all very well having a chest full of medals given to you by your mother, but real accolades have to be earned."

As quoted from:

Godfrey Bloom -The End Of The British Monarchy?


"How dare I speak so disrespectfully of our Most Gracious Sovereign Lady? Do I not realise that, under our Constitution, Her Majesty reigns, but the politicians rule? How, in all conscience, can I shift blame for what has happened from the traitors who actively worked for our destruction – Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, Tony Blair, and the others – to a woman without executive function who has always devoted herself to our welfare? The answer is that, if she never projected the theft of our ancestral rights, it was her duty to resist that theft, and to resist without regard for the outcome – and it was in her power to resist without bringing on her head any of the penalties threatened or used against her subjects. But she did not resist. At no time in the past sixty years, has she raised a finger in public, or, it is probably the case, in private, to slow the destruction of an order of things she swore in the name of God to protect."

"she can also veto any parliamentary bill she dislikes – and her veto cannot be overriden by any weighted majority vote of Parliament."

From Sean Gabbs' timely article

So when she watched the country go to hell, she literally just watched.

James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

“By the time the megalomaniac Robert Mugabe was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II (19940 he had already done his “best” work: slaughtering some 20,000 innocent Ndebele in Matabeleland (1983).

2 John 11 for he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

Deceiving gullible Christians every Christmas (evidence found in part 1)

2 Timothy 3:13
But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

Her family being connected to:


Jimmy Saville,


Forced adoptions,


Aleister Crowley,

Land Barony corruption, (Google "Cornwalls housing crisis" after clicking that one)

Also, most of those links are mainstream articles, the idea is, when you click one, the gist is easy read, then its up to you reader to do the research further as your interest allows. (Prov 15.14 & 18.15, 2 Cor 11.6)

Matthew 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

How Protestants claim idolatry/heathen practices regarding the Pope

getting a tour in a coffin but this --->

is seemingly all ok?

Luke 9:60 Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.

And among this mess the classics that came out of pulpits last sunday were:

Rom 13.1, ignoring vs 4.

1 Peter 2.17 while ignoring vs 13-16

1 Tim 2.2 directly cut in half. (The worst one I found personally as it creates a major biblical pretext for state idolatry. Sadly this was even pushed out of a 'bible believing church' last Sunday.)

Heb 13.7+17 both verses cut neatly in half and ripped from the really blatant context.

I cant help but wonder, after seeing all this, how easy it will be to get folk to stop for the music again. (Dan 3.10)

2 Kings 17.12 for they served idols, whereof the Lord had said unto them, Ye shall not do this thing.

1 Chronicles 16.26a For all the gods of the people are idols:

Psalm 106:36 And they served their idols: which were a snare unto them.

Prov 16.12

It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness: for the throne is established by righteousness.

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